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Picture gallery: w/c 20 September 2010

Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kat and Alfie are back in Walford! She's on the run and he's still wearing the same eye-popping shirts! Meanwhile, Minty's spoilt for choice and Darren's a busy boy as we look ahead to next week's happening in the Square.

Cafe Katch-up

Kat's wigging out Mo as she reveals what she's been up to. But why the need for a cover-up? We suspect she's got herself into a spot of bother. Typical!


Christening crisis

Minty's really mixed up when it comes to the ladies. Will he choose Heather or Sam? Just don't put a damper on Hev's special day if you choose the latter, will you?



Stuck in the middle

Clearly Minty hasn't taken the advice we just gave him. With both Sam and Heather giving him the evils, who's he going to plump for?

Family planning

The Slaters hatch a plot to enable Kat to dodge unwelcome visitors. We figure it basically involves climbing out the window, but then this bunch aren't exactly the Colditz escape commitee, are they?

Over the Moon?

Alfie tries to comfort Kat by revealing he's come back for her and wants them to be a proper family.

Skivving off

As Vanessa arrives at the car lot, Darren pulls a sickie on Max so he can be alone with Jodie. Hope you can produce a doctor's note for it Darren...

Focus of attention?

With Max's relationship with Vanessa looking a little fuzzy, it's up to Darren to try and cheer him up. Hopefully with a little help from Stacey.



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