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Billy Mitchell gets a blast from the past!

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Lou | 17:20 UK time, Friday, 24 September 2010

Ooooooh Billy's life is about to get a bit more gawd damn exciting! A new arrival is about to turn his life upside down in the form of Julie Perkins.

Who the hell is Julie? I hear ya.


Julie's a cockney geezer bird who's an old friend of the hard-on-his-luck Mitchell, and even though the pair of them haven't clapped eyes on each other since they were teenagers, the connection they once shared reignites (Ooohhhh).

Julie is more at home down the pub with the boys but underneath her robust layer, there’s a little girl abandoned by her mum wanting to be loved.

ALTHOUGH, as we all know... NOTHING is so clear cut in EastEnders! Does Julie have something to hide? Does she have skeletons in the closet?

Who plays Julie? I'll tell ya.... the critically acclaimed actress Cathy Murphy plays pint-drinking Julie. She's best known for her roles in House of Elliot, Glory Glory Days and Martina Cole adaptation Two Women.

Cathy said: "Like our characters, I’ve known Perry since I was 16 and he is a brilliant actor. We’ve never worked together before so I am looking forward to getting stuck into our fantastic rollercoaster of a story."

What do you think of Billy's blast from the past? Will Billy have a few shocks ahead from the fiesty female?



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