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This week on EastEnders: Up West and up the woods

Nickie | 20:25 UK time, Friday, 4 June 2010

Teens in the Woods!

Teens in the WoodsIf you go down to the woods today... you ain't gonna find a teddy bear's picnic. Unless Lucy's got a vendetta against said teds, and has laced their picnic lunch with poison.

And so it was, that Lucy went to the New Forest with the intention of a. getting jiggy with Leon or b. getting even with Leon. Unfortunately for Lucy, Leon chose option b. Unfortunately for Leon, Lucy left him to wander around the woods on his own while everyone else thought he was dead. Now, Lucy's turned everyone against her, even her twin brother. Oops.

Watch behind the scenes with the teens

Watch them reveal their greatest fear?

Pat and Peggy go... up West


review_patpeggysnaps.jpgAnd while the teens were on the loose in the New Forest, Pat and Peggy were painting the town red up West. Then sneaking off to meet their silver-haired fox, two-timing Harvey. Let the cat fight commence!


Pat on Peggy: "The Queen of stale beer and pork scratchings"

Peggy on Pat:  "I'm surprised you're not at Kings Cross at the moment touting for business."
                       "Talks like a tart and acts like a tart"
                       "Her bedroom's as busy as Picadilly Circus"

And so Harvey went on to make an indecent proposal and ended up tricked out of his clothes and running out of the Vic in the nude. Ta ta Harvey! 

... And introducing Vanessa Gold 

Max and Vanessa10 seconds on screen and she already had Darren hot and bothered. We like! What do you reckon?

Watch her first photoshoot



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