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This week on EastEnders: Stacey's a mummy. Awwww!

Nickie | 20:26 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

... But should she have revealed the daddy?

Ryan and Stacey

Mo suggested she have the baby live on the internet. So we had our cameras at the ready for the most sensational post that this blog has ever had: STACEY'S LIVE BIRTH ONLY ON THE INSIDER BLOG WITH NURSE NICKIE ASKING HER QUESTIONS FROM THE VIEWING PUBLIC WHILE SHE POPPED!! But... in the end... we watched it on the telly just like everyone else.

Question 1: Did you want Stacey to tell Ryan that he's the daddy?
Question 2: Has Stacey seen the mammoth list of potential names provided by your lovely selves? There's enough there to name the next century of babies in Albert Square. Good work, team!
Question 3: How cute is Stacey's baby!!?? Hooray!

Too-much-information quote of the week


Liz to Patrick. "You've got a heart of gold and a bum I can bounce a penny off." Thanks for that, Liz. We weren't planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

So Max... you're over Tanya, yeah?

Max and Tanya

That'll explain why you were parked outside her new house staring in like a weirdo, forcing entry, smashing glasses, and begging her to admit that she still cares. Yep. That's closure, right there. Lucky Vanessa isn't the jealous type... Meanwhile, looks like Libby's not quite over Darren, now that he's going out with the gorgeous Jodie. Little does Libby know, her boyfriend is selling exam papers for sexual favours. Oh dear.



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