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This week on EastEnders: Dot arrested! Ronnie in custody!

Nickie | 20:29 UK time, Friday, 12 February 2010

The Cagney and Lacey of Albert Square investigate saucy goings on at Bianca's hen

review_stripper.jpgYes, the self styled Cagney and Lacey* of Albert Square (to quote Denise: "I'm the sexy, complicated one and Zainab's the frumpy one with the gob") were on the case of Walford's big whodunnit. Forget who killed Archie Mitchell - who bedded Leon Small? And how exactly did, what started off as a 'hen night with a load of middle-aged women and a footspa' turn into a full-on knee-trembler for one of the hens? All we knew was that the lady in question had a girly giggle and some chipped red toe nail polish. We'd like to point out that around 0:14 of Tuesday's episode, Pat revealed her scarlet toenails (unchipped, but it could be a fresh coat - see below). We're still not entirely convinced that it wasn't her... Heart attack or no heart attack, she's still all woman. But it turned out to be Lucy Beale who was under the covers with the stripper. Won't Zsa Zsa be pleased if she finds out. Well, at least it wasn't Bianca and the wedding's still on for next week. Hooray!



Ronnie helps police with their investigation... by totally losing it

review_ronnie.jpgSo just like the rest of us Marsden hasn't the foggiest whodunnit and has resorted to random speculation and gossip-mongering to get someone behind bars. Turns out, all she had to do was let Zainab, Bianca and Dot in on a spot of lies and intrigue, and the entire Square was a hotbed of suspicion and fear. Bradley shared shifty looks with Max who then shared shifty looks with Jack. If only Marsden had been in her actual office, when Max and Jack were outside squabbling like a pair of schoolgirls, and squealing the words "BRADLEY DID IT!" between breaths. Ronnie tried to deface the poster of her dad and ended up decking a police officer. Then Max accused Jack, Ronnie accused Phil and Ronnie legged it. Then it turned out that they could sit looking shady all they liked, there's some forensic evidence and it's got the killer's name on it... Reckon you know who did it. Make your prediction while there's still time!

Dot arrested! 

review_dot.jpgTruly the spawn of Nick Cotton, evil Dotty this week lied to get off school, tried to convince Dot to put Jim in a home, let on that he'd wet himself, conned her grandma into buying her a slap-up breakfast, a new outfit, a go on the swings and another day off. Not bad going for a little un. Dot lost it and gave Dotty a slap. Not comendable behaviour, and evil Dotty decided that Dot deserved to go down for it, calling in the coppers. Surely the daughter of Nasty Nick ought to vapourise within 10 paces of a cop shop? Dot was let off, but she still has a visit from social services to look forward to. That and a lifetime living with Dotty...

And in other news!

Manda and Minty re-enact scene out of Ghost... then split up! Whitney and Todd split up! Whitney and Billy grow closer - ooh! Plus, spotted in the cafe - £3.95 for the cake of the day!? Britain may be coming out of recession, but with these prices we'll be straight back in, Beale. We'll have the rice pudding and jam at a slightly more reasonable £2.75

*Detective show of olden times


  • Comment number 1.

    OHhhhh i so dont hope its Ronnie who killed Archie as i dont want sam to leave EE!!! And well done Eastenders, you have totally confused me with the ending of that episode with the ring! it looks like A drawer from bradleys office ... but a drawer is a drawer!

  • Comment number 2.

    i so want someone to get caught for it soon cuz like its gettin borin now lol i think it will be someone really unexpected

  • Comment number 3.

    wonder who had the ring last night ????????????

  • Comment number 4.

    just to let u all know its actually sean that murdered archie (staceys brother), however janine gets framed for it....and after hearing about stacey n bradley gettin married, becca gets jealous n kills bradley.......... and amira finds out she is pregnant and leaves eastenders...... and lucy beale ends up pregnant!!!!

  • Comment number 5.

    I really enjoyed seeing Ronnie and Stacey interact a little on thursday night and in the wake of whatever happens on Friday 19th Feb both Ronnie and Stacey are going to feel in need of some comfort. I hope that they both can start to form a bond as we have not seen nearly enough scenes between both of these characters in the aftermath of Dan's funeral....Both of them are hurting deeply and Stacey will hurt even more so after loosing Bradley to whatever means...she will need somebody to confide in and hopefully Ronnie will be able to be there for her in the way she should have been if she had known who dan was....Archie has hurt stacey badly and also Ronnie so why not let these two top notch characters interact with each other for a bit.....WHILST I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED SAM WOMACK IN EE AND SHE HAS BEEN THE REASON I WATCHED SINCE THE WHOLE BIPOLAR STORYLINE STACEY HAS ALSO BEEN A FIRM DRAW FOR ME.

    Let's hope both these characters stay in EE for a long while to come.


  • Comment number 6.

    Gutted that minty and manda have split up, ive only just realised that she lied about coming back fro phil, will she come back??!!

  • Comment number 7.

    I think that Lucy will be pregnant because she slept with leon,
    Zainab has the baby soon which forces Amira to leave, Someone kills bradley off.
    Finally i believe Peggy killed Archie because she is leaving the programme and i can't think of any other ways she could be written off other than to kill archie herself

  • Comment number 8.

    It was Ben...

  • Comment number 9.

    rob how could you honestly think a young boy would kill what ever relative archie was to him

  • Comment number 10.

    Lucy is pregnant by leon

  • Comment number 11.

    i want it to be ben too! he'd have had to stand on a chair to do it though...

  • Comment number 12.

    i love the fact that all the suspects wore black gloves yesterday

  • Comment number 13.

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jack killed Archie, as he's a decidedly dodgy character and presumably it was someone fairly tall to have wielded that bust of Queen Vic, though I can't remember if Archie was leaning over the bar at the time of the murder, so it could have been the diminutive Peggy! Also Jack would do anything for Ronnie - wouldn't he? My partner is convinced it's Glenda, Archie's ex.

  • Comment number 14.

    My gut feeling is that it's Jack who dunnit !

  • Comment number 15.

    I think it's Jack who planted the ring in the unfortunate Janine's drawer, as being a dubious ex detective he would know all about fitting somebody up, especially in order to draw his nephew, young Bradley away from the line of suspects. Oh dear, I seem to have it in for Jack - even though he is so good-looking!

  • Comment number 16.

    yes, surely someone so good looking couldn't possibly do something so dastardly!?


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