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This week on EastEnders: One funeral and an engagement

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 29 January 2010

It was the day of the funeral...

review_funeral.jpg.. And Roxy decided to make a personal tribute to Michael Jackson by dressing up in her finest Smooth Criminal get-up. Err... it's what Archie would have wanted. Peggy, on the other hand, was certain that Archie would have wanted a good spread of sausage rolls and sandwiches for the mourners and was to be found knee-deep in margarine and clingfilm all morning. Stacey didn't care what Archie wanted, and spat on his grave. Fortunately, Marsden didn't notice... She did however, give Peggy a grilling at his graveside, but Peggy managed to convince her of her innocence... before obliquely implicating herself in an uncharacteristic moment of candour with Janine. Meanwhile, Ronnie would have danced on Archie's grave if they could have filled it in sooner. Instead, she had the time of her life at the Vic later on. She could at least pretend...

Watch Marsden's video diaries

Who do you think killed Archie Mitchell?

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You interview the new Mitchell on the block

Lou | 14:18 UK time, Friday, 29 January 2010

Look out Walford! There's a new looker in town. With a glint in his eye and a swagger in his walk... you just know this Mitchell means business.

Just as grieving sisters Ronnie and Roxy are tearing each others' heads off, their brother Danny appears in their home.

Rita as Roxy and Liam as DannyIf you had the chance to interview the new kid on the block, what would you ask? Well, guess what? YOU CAN! (Did the headline give me away? Damn.) Send us your questions and we'll pass them to ravishing Rita who will put them to our lovely Liam.

We'll publish the video on our website... watch this space! Read our news story for more info.

Will he be a good addition to the family? Ooooh, I can't wait! 

25 years of crimes and deaths

Lou | 13:45 UK time, Monday, 25 January 2010

Shock! Horror! There's been a murrrrrrrder on the Square. You don't say. EastEnders wouldn't be the same without sins and corruption - It's what grips us on the edge of our seats... and makes us shout at the TV screen (well, that and footie).

How many crimes and deaths can you think of over the years?  18? 28? 48?

Try a WHOPPING 78 (and counting!)

Eddie Royle, Phil Mitchell, Ian and Cindy Beale

What's your favourite crime or biggest death? What deadly moment gripped you?

See our fatal photo gallery of some of the greatest corrupt crimes and deaths from over the years. It's almost offensive.

You can also join the discussion on our EastEnders' Facebook page.

25 years of Walford weddings: Frocks ahoy!

Nickie | 11:00 UK time, Monday, 25 January 2010

I always cry at weddings, me. So *sniff* I've barely been able to see through the tears *sob*, putting this gallery together. Pat and Frank! Rickaaaaay and Bianca (and wedding # 2 coming up soon!)! Kat and Alfie!!!! All of those star-crossed lovers! The frocks! The cakes! The fistfights! The drama!



There isn't space enough in one gallery for all of the nuptials that the Square's been party to. Which is your favourite Walford wedding? Who had the best frock? Who had the worst? Let us know what you think!

Plus, apply for tickets to EastEnders25: The Exhibition - a celebration of 25 dramatic years in Walford, which will feature some of the most memorable props and costumes from a quarter century Albert Square.

Find out more about the exhibition

Get involved in the battle of Peggy's wedding dresses on Facebook


E20 video: Leon sticks it to the man

Lou | 16:30 UK time, Saturday, 23 January 2010

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Leeeeooon!

This mild-mannered student has been something of a little superhero since he's landed himself in Albert Square (bish, bash, bosh!) He stumped up the dosh for his Lois Lane when she was desperately in need... aaww (episode 3), rescued his evil dad when angrily confronted (episode 4), and wanted to cuddle his lady after a bit of nookie (episode 7). As well as all this, he listens to Mercy, as no one else does apparently (episode 9). He is 'The Man of Tomorrow'. He is the 'Man of Steel'. Don this man a cloak!

The end is nigh for this series of E20 (*sniff, sniff*), but we have a sneaky little behind-the-scenes video for you to feast your eyes. It's Leon in the boxing ring! Watch how they made the penultimate scene in the last of this series. Episode 12 is due to air at 8.30pm on Monday, 25 January.

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Quote of the week so far:

"IT lessons, huh. Did she show you her spreadsheet? Did you insert your memory stick?" The prize goes to... Fatboy!

How are you finding the show so far? Who's your favourite? Here's what some of you have been saying on our E20 Facebook page:

"Absolutely brill and it is well funny, I only hope the writers plan to keep it going." From Serendipity.

"Carry it on!" Says Sarah.

Leah loves Fatboy: "I love FATBOY, he comes out witt the funniest jokessss."

Shannon likes it too: "Omg EastEnders E20 Is amazing. There should be more :)"

This week on EastEnders: Ian and Pat arrested!

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 22 January 2010

Pat's arrested


WHAT!? For Archie's murder?! No, not *that* kind of arrest, silly. CARDIAC arrest. Not massively surprising when she's simultaneously been making secret plans to move to New Zealand, arranging to sell her house, looking after Ian's kids and forming a one-woman unofficial crime squad to investigate Archie Mitchell's murder. Pat. You're not the young whippersnapper you once were. Sit down. Have a cuppa. Seriously though, words cannot describe the shock we got when Pat collapsed. Everyone keep your fingers crossed FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND that Pat pulls through. Walford needs its Pat Evans. I'm crossing my toes as well, that's the level of commitment that I'm prepared to give to this. Srsly.

Ian's arrested


WHAT!? For Archie's murder?! Why, yes! This may hamper Ian and Jane's adoption plans somewhat. Skinflint Ian thought he could fob off Janine with £500 instead of £10k. A monkey? Instead of ten grand?? Not a fair swap. Frankly, once Ian had busted Janine's lip he should have been buying flights to Brazil rather than swilling champers in the Vic as if the future was rosy. So Janine's got her revenge, and Marsden's looking like the cat that got the cream. But what's the story with this missing ring? Eh?

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Outstanding win for Lacey at NTAs

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Lou | 17:25 UK time, Thursday, 21 January 2010

EastEnders may well have lent the Most Popular Serial Drama gong to Corrie for a bit, and Neil McDermott may have narrowly missed out on Most Popular Newcomer, but Lacey deservedly bagged silverware at the 2009 National Television Awards.

Lacey arrived at the ceremony fashionably late with her sis, Daisy, in tow. She briefly had time to warm her seat before it was announced that she'd beaten the other nominees in the Outstanding Serial Drama Performance category. What a trooper!

Over the past year Stacey has cried more times than Simon Cowell's dished out insults. It's been a toughie. Lacey's biggest storyline has been dealing with the diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, where she's shared dramatic scenes with fellow actress, Gillian Wright (Jean). In the young beauty's acceptance speech, she gave a special shout out to Gillian which was actually very touching. Not that my bottom lip quivered at all.

Warning: This video contains flash photography.

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Watch Lacey talk about her buddy, Charlie Clements, leaving the Square (*boo hoo*), and see how she'll be spending her Valentine's day. Roses are red, violets are blue, well done Lacey, we love you. 

NTA red carpet as it happened

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Lou | 00:10 UK time, Thursday, 21 January 2010

1640: Standing in the box-like media room at the O2, sipping hot black tea and watching twin sensation Jedward rehearse their 'Ice Ice Baby' pop classic, as presenter, Dermot O'Leary, links each act at the National Television Awards. Already, it looks as though the human toothbrushes will gain a media furore on stage.

1720: The media and paparazzi are escorted out to the surprisingly short red carpet. Lots of dedicated TV fans are shouting out... Why isn't this award show held in the Summer? It's not as if it's cold. I'm not wishing I wore a bigger coat. Not at all.

1745: Cheryl Fergison is the first EastEnders' star to be spotted signing autographs and

Cheryl Fergisonchatting to fans. The actor, who plays loveable Heather,
wears a black and silver floor-length sparkly number. She answers the question on every tabloid's lips "whodunnit?" Cheryl's reply: "I really don't know! I have no idea..." Her answer to Archie's killer continues... she doesn't know.

1755: HUUUUGE CHEERS from the crowds! Who is it??! I tip toe over the red-lit video cameras... It's the one and only Barbara Windsor (Peggy) daintily stepping out of her ride with her husband Scott Mitchell (yep, he's a Mitchell!) The acting legend works the red carpet like the wonderful starlet she is, wearing a silver floor-length sequined design. The hair? I'm sure Peggy would floor her for a barnet that good.

1756: Tabloid favourite of the moment... Charlie Clements is next to work the red rug as he fends off questions left, right and centre on his exit. HE DOESN'T KNOW how Bradley's leaving the Square. Sorry folks. How does he sum up his time at EastEnders in five words? "Fun, hard work, friendship and experience." With a wink to boot. We love you, Charlie.

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Live NTA glamour and gossip

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Lou | 14:00 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fun, frolics and frocks... no, I'm not talking about Ricckkkaaaay and Bianca-ca-ca's fast-approaching wedding, but the prestigious National Television Awards.

If, like me, you were unable to bag yourself a golden ticket to Britain's most popular TV award show, worry not! As you will be able to fix your showbiz need for all the glitzy gossip of your favourite TV stars that sashay red rug here on our Twitter page (

NTA news on EastEnders Twitter, and Lacey as Stacey Slater

As well as EastEnders being up for the Most Popular Serial Drama gong, Lacey Turner (Stacey Slater) is nominated for the most Outstanding Serial Drama Performance and Neil McDermott (Ryan Malloy) is in the category for Most Popular Newcomer. So, all the stars of your favourite show will be gracing the carpet.

We'll be mingling with the scrubbed-up EastEnders' crew, as they saunter into the O2 arena, from 6pm today! We'll send you the latest sizzling goss on what they're wearing and how they're doing.

We'll also be asking our fave stars who THEY think killed Archie Mitchell and what their top doof doof moment has been over the last 25 years. We love it! Be there, or be an Albert.

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25 years of Walford villains... that's a lot of villainry

Nickie | 10:30 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

In 25 years on Albert Square there have been a whole lot of dramatic endings... not all of them happy ones. That's largely down to Walford's flock of nefarious nogoodniks who have terrorised the lives of our beloved Square dwellers.

From Dot's lying, cheating, murdering black sheep, Nasty Nick, to the first and second coming of Dirty Den Watts, right through to scheming Vic-stealer Archie Mitchell, they're the characters we've loved to hate...


Take a look at Walford's rogues gallery and let us know who you would crown Walford's Greatest Villain.

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EastEnders25: The Exhibition

Lou | 00:01 UK time, Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fancy taking a stroll through Walford's memory lane? Getting your doof doof on by remembering Square residents past and present? Casting your eyes on some of Walford's most iconic costumes and props?

Angie Watts and Grant, Peggy and Phil Mitchell

Well GOOD. Because EastEnders is holding a very spesh 25th anniversary exhibition in the East End of Luuuuunndon from Friday 5 February where fans will be able to reminisce and re-live 25 years of dramatic endings.  

For the first time ever, us normal folk will be able to have a good ogle at iconic costumes and props that have appeared onscreen as well as the chance to pose for a photo on Arthur's bench of contemplation/remorse. You know... where the Square residents go to sob their hearts out/Darren sleeps overnight/Christian snogs his latest conquest...

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No suicide exit for Bradley

Nickie | 13:58 UK time, Monday, 18 January 2010

bradley_blog.jpgImagine our horror when on opening our paper this morning, we read that Bradley Branning was to exit Albert Square in a heartbreaking suicide storyline. Why, we nearly choked on our cornflakes (other cereals are available).

If you were greeted with a similarly nasty surprise this morning, we will now virtually sit you down, brew you up a hot beverage and hold your hand while we reveal that Bradley will NOT kill himself. How he will leave we do not know - extended holiday in Fiji? Fatal nut-allergy related reaction? Flattened by a tower of freshly washed Bradley-knits? Happy-ever-after in a two-up two-down in the suburbs? We will have to wait to find out...


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This week on EastEnders: Where there's a will...

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

... there's a family at each others' throats. But the Mitchells weren't the only ones at war this week...

The will reading

review_glenda.jpgClaws were out in the Vic as Peggy, Janine and Glenda got ready to rip each others' hair out for a sniff of Archie's worldly goods. In case you weren't paying attention, some did better than others in the Archie lottery. In the frankly-you-needn't-have-bothered corner were Billy who got a stool, Phil who got a trophy (it was his dad's, he seemed quite pleased), Ronnie who got a man's signet ring, Peggy who got a framed wedding picture (and promptly dropped it) and Janine who got an 80s desk toy. Err... thanks or whatever. The outright winner was Roxy who got, among other things, the Vic, the car lot, three million pounds and a Maserati. We'd just like to take a moment to say that Roxy has always been our favourite Mitchell - so attractive, intelligent, charismatic, such youthful skin. And if she'd like to donate any money to us, we're not too proud to accept it. Thanks.

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Ooh look! It's Archie's Last Will and Testament

Nickie | 20:15 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

Look what we found fluttering around the Square - it's what Peggy, Glenda and Janine have been scrapping about for days. We tried to quickly scribble in a bequest for the Insider Blog (it's what Archie would have wanted) but grew worried that the solicitor might smell a rat... and that Phil might come after us. Not that we're scared or anything...


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E20: Family strife and Walford life

Lou | 09:30 UK time, Friday, 15 January 2010

The E20 drama continues... it's so hot you could fry an egg on it.

We're getting to know the troubled foursome as they squat in 89b... but for how much longer will they live in squalor? Captain Beale (eeeeewww) is looking to move a new tenant in. If only he knew! *My best impersonation of Dracula laughing whilst rubbing hands together*.

What's been happening? In a nut: Zsa Zsa has issues with her Aunt Shirl, Mercy's holding a life-changing secret, Leon has a crap dad, and Fatboy hates being called Arthur Chubb. Oh, and smurfette is about to snog the face off of boxing boy.

Leon Small

Did you appreciate Leon's striptease in the laundrette (ep 3)? Me thinks Hev did. Are you enjoying Fatboy's smooth one-liners; "nice eyes... same colour as my sports car." Can you see the sparks fly between Zsa Zsa and Leon? Are you wondering what Mercy's oh so fab nan looks like? No? Just me then.

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Ian Beale sex tape!

Nickie | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Just when the emotional scarring caused by Pat and Patrick's bedroom antics was healing (that said, it's been nearly three years and we still can't listen to "You Can Leave Your Hat On" without dropping into the foetal position)...

Enter Walford's new sexual phenomenon: CAPTAIN BEALE

Like Paris Hiltonn before him, Ian Beale is the victim of a sextape blackmailing plot - and here we bring you the x-rated audio in which he shivers Janine's timbers behind Jane's very back... with the additional shocking revelation of Jane's pet name for him in the bedroom. Shudder.

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Warning: The BBC is not responsible for any psychological damage caused by this audio.

E20 gang settle into Walford

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Lou | 20:46 UK time, Friday, 8 January 2010

Am I alone in still jigging to the E20 theme tune? It's special. Another shout out goes to Carl Darling on that super-fly winning entry.

E20 has now aired it's first episode *huge cheers*. So, what did you all think of the new teenage residents who've moved into 89b? Did Fatboy float your boat? Has Mercy made you smile? Do you luuuuuurrrrrve Leon? Has Zsa Zsa given you the zig a zig ah?! 

Fatboy (Arthur Chubb)Not only did we see Lucy snogging the lips off of Leon ("don't touch the face"), but Fatboy foolishly let Mercy down with his website 'godlypodly' *sucks teeth*. Zsa Zsa had to run for her life from a fella in need of anger management classes. And what of Mercy taking a preggers' test!? Watch out for the blue lines, missus!

Quote of the episode:

"You disrespected my faith, Westwood. I don't know what I'm most vexed about - the fact that you had the live flash animation of the crusifixion playing to 99 Problems, or that you tried to charge for it!" Listen and learn, Fatboy. It's JC, not Jay-Z.

Find out more at the E20 website:

Get excited for episode 2. The fun continues at the same time of 8.30pm on 9th Jan. I can't wait. Click here for more information on episodes.

Let me know what you thought of the new kids on the block!! *rubs hands together and shakes with excitement*. Not that I'm bothered, of course. I'm not glued to my computer.  

This week on EastEnders: new faces, new love, new evidence (and goodbye Darren & Libby? Sob!)

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 8 January 2010

Goodbye Darren and Libby?

darren1.jpg We had Shannis, we have Chryed but what is Darren and Libby's portmanteau (that's right PORTMANTEAU - I just looked it up)? Dibby? Larren? But *face crumples* maybe it's too late... *weeps* because Lib has found out about Darren and Heather's secret . And though, IN THEORY, we consider it an unforgivable offence to have it off with someone else and sire a child, this is DIFFERENT. Because it's DIBBY. Darren begged, he tried to steal Libby's Oyster card to stop her from leaving, he nearly died of hypothermia by sleeping on a park bench. Will Libby take him back? Will she dump him? Or will she get even by having a baby with as unlikely a member of the Walford community as Darren chose - Minty? Winston off the market? Get that girl back to Oxford before she does something she regrets.

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A Walford wonderland!

Lou | 13:30 UK time, Thursday, 7 January 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Albert Square hasn't escaped the dump of the 'ol white stuff.... it's sooooo cold! But, who cares about shivering and numb, runny noses when it looks so darn preeetttttyyyy!?

I bet strapped-for-cash Max Branning is suffering in his gaff though... let's hope he managed to pay his heating bill. And look at the Slaters' abode... I bet Big Mo's dodgy business is thriving... kettles, irons, toasters. Love it.

Albert Square in the snow

*Brrrrrrrrrr* Shiver me timbers. Two of Walfords' greatest institutions... The Queen Vic drinking hole gathers punters who laugh, cry, fight (and murder), and Walford East is where many a teary, screwed up face exits. I bet they've closed the station... what with train delays in this weather... they may aswell.  

The Queen Vic and Walford East station

E20 comin' at ya!

Lou | 10:04 UK time, Thursday, 7 January 2010

If you haven't heard the hype about the EastEnders' new online drama E20, where ya been? Let me guess... curled up in a blanket, clutching a mug of builders' tea and buried in chocolate wrappers. 

What's the deal? Four street-wise teenagers hit Walford with a bang and move into the Square. Meet tomboy Zsa Zsa ("smurfette"), wheeler-deeler Fatboy ("innit, bruv"), Christian Mercy ("you're disrespecting my faith"), and pretty boy Leon ("don't touch the face")... they're about to shake up the Square and it's residents!

E20 gang, Mo Slater meets Fatboy and Mercy

Wanna know what happens in the opener on Friday from 8.30pm? Read on my friends.


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The F-Factor: Weddings of the year

Lou | 13:46 UK time, Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tiaras, tears and tantrums... and then throw in a wedding! EastEnders' nuptials are everything you'd expect from a marriage ceremony and more.

If you're lucky enough to be invited to one of Walford's finest days of the year, follow this advice:

  • Keep the receipt from the present, as you may be taking it back.
  • Don't arrive early - you could be kept waiting.
  • Take plenty of tissues (for the bride and/groom).
  • Expect a brawl... or two.

In 2009, we weren't disappointed! Here is the lowdown on which wedding had the biggest F-Factor (X-Factor? Nah. It's all about the F, innit.)

Dawn and Garry - sailing off into the sunset

Garry brawls with Phil and Heather, Dawn and Shirley shout out to GarryOf course, you all knew about Dawn's saucy legover with Phil (who saw that one coming?!). But hapless mechanic, Garry Hobbs, was only let into her dirty little secret by Minty the night before their nuptials in August. The poor lamb cried himself to sleep. On the wedding day, he lamped one on hardnut Phil *jumps for joy*, and escaped on his rickety boat. Dawn tottered off to find him in her tutu dress and begged forgiveness. Of course, loved-up Gaz accepted, and they sailed off with Summer... (with no loo, sink, refreshments... and probably got as far as Greenwich).

Fashion: 6   Food: 0 (what food?)   Fun: 4   Fisticuffs: 8   Finance: 4   Fatality: 5 (for forgiving the minx!)  

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This week on EastEnders: Suspects, skullduggery and smooches

Nickie | 20:25 UK time, Friday, 1 January 2010

Murderin' Mitchells

ronnie.jpgPhil reckons that it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead piping. However, we've checked two centuries worth of census records for the Walford area and there has never been a Mustard family on the Square. FACT. What *is* he trying to cover up... besides the shirt drenched in Archie Mitchell's blood?

One by one, the Mitchells were rounded up and questioned by police. Ronnie in the station, Roxy, Phil and Peggy in their new home at the Brannings'. Only Sam managed to avoid the long arm of the law by walking around the Square in the most cunning disguise ever cooked up - a blindingly bright white coat and matching beret. What will she think of next? Sitting in the caf peering through two eye-holes she's cut out of the Walford Gazette while sat under a giant flashing arrow?

And the award for best actress goes to...


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