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This week on EastEnders - Secrets and Lies

Nickie | 20:30 UK time, Friday, 11 December 2009

Tell the truth and shame the devil, the old saying goes. That being the case, the Prince of Darkness will be tickled pink with all the lies and intrigue afoot in Walford this week...


Ian's seduction swindle


ian.jpgEver the romantic, Ian Beale thought that convincing his internet date that he was a Walford bigshot would have her splashing around in his hot tub as quick as you could say "Jane? Err. Don't know who you're talking about, love. Now shut up and kiss me." Unfortunately his four-day stubble and refusal to pay for her drink put paid to his saucy intentions...



Janine's pulls out the stops to bag her man



Little did Ian know that his old flame had him in her sights. Janine tried the hard sell (suspenders) and the soft sell (offering to do the washing up). She finally won him round him with the medium-strength sell (a couple of bottles of wine and a cask of self pity) to get him into a compromising position that might yet be his financial undoing. Oh dear




max.jpgMeanwhile, bankrupt Max forged a cheque, pawned his wedding ring, borrowed from his ex-wife, flogged his wife's business and lost most of his worldly goods. All this considered, you could say that Tanya has fairly good grounds for burying him alive again. Instead, she left him and took the kids. Frankly, he got off lightly, we reckon.


Tiffany in the dark



And finally, Whitney had the worst birthday ever - considering retracting her evidence at Tony's trial and discovering that Tiffany isn't her biological sister. Meanwhile, Tiffany was busy making cards, putting up bunting, baking a cake and writing the words 'I love my sister Whitney who is absolutely my sister and if she wasn't I would cry and cry and cry' onto every available surface in Pat's house. Torture for Whitney who was forced to keep it all a secret. Erm, happy birthday Whit. Maybe your 18th will be better...






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