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  1. Photo spoiler: Frock shock

    Tuesday 25 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    Aleks ends up seeing double when a plan to impress Roxy hits the rocks. Hassled by his needy girlfriend after a weekend away, Aleks buys her a dazzling dress – with the idea to take her out for dinner in it. However, when wife Marta turns up in The Square, it’s clear they spent the weekend together. Naughty Aleks! Unfortunately, Marta spies the dress and thinks it’s for her.

    Aleks and Marta Aleks and Marta

    What else can the Latvian lothario do apart from hand it over, claiming it’s a surprise gift?!

    Aleks and Marta

    Aleks sends Marta home, saying he’ll see her soon, before buying another identical dress for Roxy! However, he’s caught out in The Vic when Marta stumbles upon her husband getting cosy with a woman in a very familiar frock!

    Marta, Roxy and Aleks

    Will the girls both realise they've been stitched up and give Aleks a serious dressing-down?

    Be sure to check out this clothes encounter in the week commencing 1st December.

  2. Photo spoiler: A weight off Sonia's mind?

    Tuesday 25 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    When a sickly Sonia returns to Walford from her ‘course’, having still not sorted out the charity money from the calendar sales, Carol and Rebecca berate her for not keeping in touch. Sonia finally admits to her mum that she has been feeling the pressure of not meeting her weight target during Fat Blasters. She tells Carol that she went to a boot camp to lose a few extra pounds - and has probably overdone it.

    Carol and Sonia Carol and Sonia

    As the week unfolds, Sonia’s health continues to deteriorate. Despite Tina’s concern, however, she busies herself by preparing for the Fat Blasters Christmas party.

    At the weigh-in, Sonia is applauded for losing the most weight out of the group. They head to The Vic, where Sonia hopes hubby Martin will put in an appearance. But when her ever-increasing guilt becomes too much, Sonia decided to confess all! However, as she begins her speech, she suddenly collapses to the floor!

    Carol, Pam, Mo, Tosh and Sonia Sonia and paramedics

    These episodes hit the ground running in the week commencing Monday 1st December!

  3. Photo spoiler: Proposal problem?

    Sunday 23 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    With his heart set on Lauren, Peter returns from New Zealand and puts a plan into action. As friends and family gather at the Brannings', Peter produces an engagement ring and pops the question to Lauren. However, with secrets and lies set to be revealed, will she say yes?

    Emma, Max, Lauren and Peter

    Say 'yes' to watching this romantic moment on Tuesday 2nd December.

  4. Photo spoiler: Out of excuses

    Friday 21 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    When Mick tells Linda to stop making excuses, his tearful wife finally admits that she’s pregnant!

    Linda and Mick

    Deeply hurt, can Mick forgive Linda for hiding this from him?

    Linda and Mick Mick

    Tune in at 8pm tonight (Friday, 21st November) to find out what happens next.

  5. Stan’s story: Dealing with prostate cancer

    Thursday 20 November 2014, 19:50

     EastEnders Backstage Team EastEnders Backstage Team

    With Aunt Babe’s dropping a bombshell earlier in the week by revealing that Stan Carter had been diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, we caught up with Karen Sumpter , Clinical Lead at Prostate Cancer UK. Karen and her team have been working closely with the EastEnders writers to advise on the details of the storyline.


    “Prostate cancer is a huge issue in the UK,” Karen told us. “It’s the most common cancer in men and it’s estimated that by 2030 it will be the most common of all cancers. When EastEnders first hit our screens 30 years ago, prostate cancer just wasn’t talked...

    Read more about Stan’s story: Dealing with prostate cancer

  6. Ben Hardy set to leave EastEnders

    Thursday 20 November 2014, 11:10

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    Ben Hardy, who plays Peter Beale in the show, is set to exit Walford at the end of his current contract.

    Ben Hardy

    For now, we're keeping tight-lipped as to how Peter Beale bows out, but more will be revealed nearer the time.

    Ben joined the show back in 2013 - and has been at the heart of several major storylines since then.

    What's been your favourite Peter Beale moment so far, since Ben took on the role? Leave us a comment below!


  7. Photo spoiler: Missing

    Tuesday 18 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    There's turmoil in the Beale household next week when a panicked Jane suddenly arrives with the news that Bobby is missing.

    Jane and Ian

    Both she and Ian are frantic with worry, but DI Keeble assures them that they are doing everything they can to find him. Things then take an unexpected turn when Carol reveals that Bobby has sent a video message to Tiffany...

    Ian, Jane, Cindy, Keeble and Carol l Ian, Jane, Cindy, Keeble and Carol

    Find out what's happened to Bobby as the plot unfolds from Monday 24th November.


  8. Photo spoiler: Confide in me

    Tuesday 18 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    Poor Cindy. The young mum has been struggling with baby Beth, so when Liam arrives to ask for help with his schoolwork, Cindy breaks down and reveals that she misses school and is worried she’s not a good mum.

    Liam and Cindy Liam and Cindy Liam and Cindy

    Liam reassures her that she's doing fine - and is surprised when Cindy moves in for a serious snog!

    Liam and Cindy

    How will Liam react? You can find out more when this episode hits your TV screens on Monday 24th November.

  9. Photo spoiler: Digging for the truth

    Sunday 16 November 2014, 00:01

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    After Patrick gets a warning from the Council that he could lose his allotment, Denise heads over there to help tidy up. As she digs, however, she's shocked to discover Lucy’s mobile phone and wallet! Should she tell Ian?

    Denise Denise Lucy Beale

    Jay is horrified to see what Denise has discovered, and quickly calls Ben for help. Can the pair cover their tracks - or is their secret finally out?


    You can see Denise uncover the truth in the week commencing 24th November.

  10. Sam Strikes out in new direction

    Friday 14 November 2014, 16:38

     EastEnders News Team EastEnders News Team

    There will soon be one less Carter in Walford, as it’s been announced that Sam Strike is set to leave the role of Johnny behind.

    Sam Strike

    Sam joined EastEnders last Christmas, alongside sis Nancy (Maddy Hill) and parents Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright).

    At the moment we’re keeping details of Johnny Carter’s exit under wraps,  but Sam has already finished filming his final scenes.

    “Thanks for all the love this year guys,” Sam announced on Twitter earlier. “Means the world. Decided to bow out. Couldn't have done it without you all. Thanks.”

    Powerful scenes earlier in the year...

    Read more about Sam Strikes out in new direction

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