Moon winner: wider than a mile.

To celebrate the anniversary of man landing on the moon we asked for your thoughts about a certain Time Lord landing there. We wanted to know which lunar-based story was your favourite…

 In fourth place we had Frontier in Space, the Third Doctor adventure where he winds up a prisoner on the moon as a result of the Master’s plotting. It’s a cracking story featuring Ogrons, Draconians, plenty of political chicanery and some wonderful moments with the Master, but the other three nominations eclipsed this particular tale…

The Seeds of Death bloomed in third place. This Second Doctor adventure was set in the future and pitted humanity against the Martian menace of the Ice Warriors. Chilly stuff! Another story from that era -  The Moonbase – touched down in second place. Broadcast over two years years before Armstrong took his famous step, the adventure reintroduced the Cybermen and included some wonderful shots of how it was thought the lunar surface would appear.

But stomping into first place by a county mile we had the episode that gave us Martha’s debut, a race of Intergalactic policemen and the vampiric Florence Finnegan. Yes! Smith and Jones took a convincing 64.6 per cent of the votes which goes to show you can’t beat a Judoon platoon on the moon!

Big thanks to everyone who voted !

You can watch clips and enjoys photos of Smith and Jones and why not check out this week’s vote on the homepage… What’s your favourite sporting moment in Doctor Who?

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