Master Class!

We’ve just updated dozens of our episode pages so you can now explore the Master’s earliest adventures! We’ve added clips, galleries and fact files that mean you can step back in time and follow the Master’s villainous career from the very beginning.

The Doctor’s evil fellow Time Lord first appeared in Terror of the Autons and you can now watch a clip featuring their first scene together. He returned in The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos before taking his wicked plans to another world in Colony in Space. UNIT finally captured and arrested him in The Dæmons before he escaped in The Sea Devils and later destroyed the city of Atlantis in The Time Monster. His final clash with the Third Doctor (excepting The Five Doctors, of course) came in 1973’s Frontier in Space.

You can find out more about all eight of these electrifying early adventures or read more about the Master on his own special page. Don’t forget to check out why we’re celebrating the Doctor’s ‘best enemy’ and visit his brand new gallery where you can investigate The Many Faces of the Master.

Finally, we’d love to know which of these eight early adventures was your favourite. Why not cast your vote now?

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