The Ultimate Doctor Who Monster or Villain: Nomination #5: The Silurians

It will soon be time for you to vote in order to find the definitive answer to the question, who is the ultimate Doctor Who villain? We’ll be asking you to choose one winner from a list of ten contenders and we’ve already announced four of them: Cybermen, Daleks, the Silence and the Master.

The fifth contenders, announced today, are an intelligent race from the planet Earth. A species that went into hibernation when they believed their environment was in danger, intending to sleep until their world recovered and became habitable again. But the disaster they anticipated never happened and as they lay dormant, humanity rose… When they finally awoke they hatched a plan to destroy the ‘stinking apes’ that now claimed ‘their’ planet. They are the Silurians!

The Silurians made their debut in 1970’s Doctor Who and the Silurians, one of the show’s first adventures shot in colour. Although they could be ruthless and arrogant in their disregard for other life forms, some members of Silurian society wanted peace with mankind. Yet time and time again the two races have squabbled and fought. There has been bloodshed suffered by both sides but the Doctor has always striven for peace and understanding, exemplified by Madame Vastra and her friendship with the Earth girl, Jenny Flint.

Silurians have helped the Doctor, forming an alliance with the Time Lord during the Battle of Demons Run. But on other occasions they have opposed him and sought to wipe out humanity and even joined forces with the Daleks, Cybermen and other familiar foes. And so their inclusion in the list of Doctor Who’s top ten villains is certainly justified. But are they the ultimate villains? That is for you to decide…

You can find out more about the Silurians, watch clips from their first adventure or find out what happened when the Fifth Doctor encountered them in the year 2084. We’ve also got clips and photos from more recent episodes including The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you the sixth monster or villain to be nominated and remember to visit the site over the next few days so you can discover the complete top ten contenders… and then vote for the one you think is Doctor Who’s ultimate baddie! The winner – as voted for by you - will unveiled in the ‘Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains Weekend’ on BBC Three in November, as part of the celebrations to mark 50 years of Doctor Who!

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