Me and Clara… What Next?

One of the best things about Series 9 was seeing Me and Clara zooming through space in a stolen TARDIS, heading towards… Well, what? What could happen to the Doctor’s old friends, now they have a time machine and the whole universe to explore?

It’s easy to see Me’s story as being inextricably linked with the Doctor, but looking back over the adventures we’ve seen her experience, it’s clear that Clara Oswald has made an equally significant impact on her life. It was Clara who saved them both when Odin zapped them, along with the other ill-fated villagers, to his spaceship and without the Coal Hill teacher it’s unlikely Ashildr would have survived the terrifying encounter.

And when the Doctor wanted to leave the young Viking girl and her kinsfolk to the mercy of the Mire, it was Clara who persuaded him to stay… In fact that action led to the Time Lord adding alien tech to Ashildr and making her immortal.

In Face the Raven it was Clara who more or less commanded the Doctor not to take vengeance for her death… Her heart-felt plea may have been the factor that prevented a terrible reprisal against ‘Mayor Me’ and so again, Clara’s actions - and her compassion - have impacted on the life of an immortal…

And so although Me is much older and more experienced that Clara, it’s not a given that she’ll be in charge. Clara has saved her before and Me must recognise and respect that. Plus… she needs Clara!

In The Woman Who Lived, the Doctor told Me, ‘We need the mayflies. See, the mayflies, they know more than we do. They know how beautiful and precious life is because it's fleeting.’ Clara will give Me that perspective and help her enjoy all the fun stuff that goes with careering around the cosmos.

When the Doctor met Me in Hell Bent she had all the answers and appeared serene. At ease. Tranquil, almost. But is that really who Me is? Is that who she wants to be? This is the Viking who fought at Agincourt, became a daring highwayman on the roads of London and presided over a settlement of Cybermen, Silurians and other dangerous species…

But with Clara in the TARDIS, Me no longer knew all answers and now she was the one asking the questions, from the banal to the big one: ‘Where are we going?’ And Clara, the young woman from Blackpool, appeared the wiser and so much more alive!

So it’s a fair bet that these two travellers will go forward as equals. Me bringing knowledge and experience plus a sense of flare! And Clara will be there to remind her of the brilliance of it all. When she found out their TARDIS was stuck as a diner she immediately beamed with delight and declared, ‘Awesome!’ We can bet they’ll be many more awesome moments to come…

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