Return to A Town Called Mercy...

Get the measure of A Town Called Mercy.

Step over the line, back into Mercy with our exclusive behind-the-scenes video which follows the cast and crew during the shooting of episode three.

We’ve also got a new gallery that forms a fascinating collection of behind-the-scenes shots and another that showcases some more great photos from the latest episode. Plus, if you think you can be quick on the draw when the chips are down, now’s your chance to prove it in The Game of Rassilon: A Town Called Mercy. And if you want to gen up on the story before trying the game, we’ve got new sections on Isaac and the Gunslinger that might be of help…

If you can’t wait for next week’s episode, watch the latest trails for The Power of Three. Throughout the week we’ll be bringing you sneak peeks and an introduction to the Doctor’s next adventure.

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