Jex: Guilty or not guilty?

Amy Pond would have been proud! Thousands of votes have been cast and approximately two-thirds of you decided Kahler-Jex should be spared the Monster section! We’ll therefore be including him in our Character pages!

It seems Jex’s acts of kindness towards the people of Mercy and his ultimate sacrifice were the factors that swayed many of you. But it was a different story for the fiend faced by the Doctor aboard the Silurian Ark…  Indeed, there was very little sympathy for Solomon, the villain whom the Time Lord abandoned at the close of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Our previous Weekly Vote asked whether you thought the Doctor was right to leave him to his fate, and just under 55 per cent of you said yes, 18.9 per cent were undecided and only 26.4 per cent said the Doctor was wrong on that occasion.

And so Solomon stays where he is, of course, whilst Kahler-Jex moves from Mercy to our Character pages…

Big thanks to everyone who voted!

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