Everything we know about *that* orange spacesuit!

It’s Space Exploration Day – created to commemorate the first manned lunar landing which happened on 20th July 1969 and to celebrate humankind’s incredible achievements of space exploration.

We all know that every space explorer needs a spacesuit, even an ancient, two-hearted alien. So we’re taking a look at that iconic orange spacesuit that just keeps cropping up…

The Tenth Doctor debuted the spacesuit in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

The Doctor first donned the spacesuit in The Impossible Planet, to travel from the relative safety of Sanctuary Base 6 down to Krop Tor. The suit in its original form bore the Sanctuary Base 6 logo and had a distinctive yellow helmet. When the Doctor returned to the TARDIS after the dramatic events of The Satan Pit - he was still wearing the spacesuit and so it joined him on some of his further adventures…

The orange spacesuit returned for The Waters of Mars

We get our next glimpse of the orange spacesuit during The Waters of Mars, when the Doctor uses it to take a stroll across the surface of the red planet. Adelaide Brooke, captain of Bowie Base One is initially suspicious of the Doctor and confiscates his spacesuit. However the suit is returned to him as the crew lose control of the base and Adelaide tells the Doctor to return to his ship and save himself. Typically the Doctor doesn’t do as he’s told and does his best to save the crew, damaging the helmet of the spacesuit in the process.

The Eleventh Doctor suited up in Hide

In Hide we got to see the Eleventh Doctor give the spacesuit a whirl, when he travels to the beginning and end of the Earth to take photographs and solve the mystery of a haunted house. The suit’s been somewhat modified, the SB6 logo has gone along with some of the black straps but the helmet’s visor has been repaired!

When it comes to the spacesuit Clara thinks the colour's ‘a bit boisterous’ and says it makes her eyes hurt, which disappoints the Doctor who believes the colour brings out his eyes.

The Doctor, Clara and Courtney wore the iconic spacesuits in Kill the Moon

The Twelfth Doctor gets his go in the suit in Kill the Moon, when he takes Clara and Courtney Woods on an impromptu trip to the Moon… and he even has a couple of spare spacesuits for his fellow travellers!

Clara in The Girl Who Died

Clara gives her orange suit another outing in The Girl Who Died when she begins the adventure floating in space while helping the Doctor protect the Velosians from ‘four and a bit battle fleets’. There’s no time to change before Clara and the Doctor are captured by Vikings and taken back to their village! As it turns out she doesn’t look that out of place once a technologically advanced army are beamed down from the sky in search of a fight!

The Tenth Doctor in slightly different spacewear

We know what you’re thinking… You think we’ve forgotten about 42! We haven’t, it’s just - is it the same spacesuit? We’re not so sure – it’s a similar colour and style but it has no SB6 logo, some of the details are not quite the same and the helmet is quite different.

And seeing as Martha and the Doctor were cut off from the TARDIS for most of the episode, we think perhaps this isn’t the Doctor’s trusty spacesuit.

Orson Pink's spacesuit looked surprisingly familiar

But let’s not forget Orson Pink!

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed that in Listen, not only did Colonel Pink’s suit look similar to the Doctor’s favourite orange number BUT it also had the SB6 insignia! Why? We don’t know… in fact it’s one of the many things we just don’t know about the mysterious Orson Pink.

In conclusion, it’s clear we love the orange spacesuit – it’s a classic look that transcends regenerations! But have we seen the last of it? We certainly hope not!


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