Queen Elizabeth I

On 17 November, 1558 the Elizabethan era began when Queen Mary I of England died and was succeeded by her half-sister, Elizabeth I of England. We look back on one of history’s most iconic royals…

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the first historical figures seen on Doctor Who, appearing in the 1965 adventure, The Chase. During part 1 of the story the crew of the TARDIS don’t actually meet the monarch but they watch her discussing plays with Shakespeare. The Doctor encountered her at the close of The Shakespeare Code when she clearly considered him an enemy but later still, in The End of Time, he implies he shared a friendship with ‘Good Queen Bess’ although the full details never emerged…

Perhaps we’ll find out more in the 50th Anniversary Special, because as Strax reveals in the video above, the Time Lord will encounter her again in The Day of the Doctor

Over at BBC History you can discover more about Queen Elizabeth I or find out about her incredible network of spies! There’s a fascinating video exploring her childhood or you can read about one of her greatest triumphs – the defeat of the Spanish Armada!

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