Shopping for angel cake?

In our final look at what caused Dark Day, we begin by sharing some of your more whimsical ideas…

Liam suggested ‘The Doctor spilled tea on his [TARDIS] console and caused a "glitch" in time’ and a number of you suggested the sun is actually a huge alien machine that malfunctioned for a few minutes due to a flat battery or someone pressing the wrong button! Many ideas involved the Weeping Angels but Kieran was alone in suggesting the Doctor’s old enemies created the darkness so ‘they could do some shopping!’

Max decided ‘The Doctor was in his TARDIS on his way to the annual Biggest Jammy Dodger in the Universe awards’ when a run-in with another time traveller resulted in a vast biscuit being teleported over our planet, thereby blocking out the sun…

Away from the whimsy, Alyssa told us, ‘Space phoenixes are born from stars every million years. They live for a few hours and then die, becoming a star again for another millennium. On the day of May 19th, 1780, a Solaris bird, as they are more commonly called according to the Universal Dictionary, was reborn and then died, completing the cycle for another thousand years.’

Many people delved into the Doctor’s history for ideas, with Thomas suggesting that on Dark Day, Boston was the scene of a Wirrn invasion, describing how ‘large alien insects swept across the sky, turning it black.’ The Time Lord’s old foes created chaos for short while. ‘This lasted several hours,’ Thomas commented, ‘until the arrival of a Blue Box and an extraordinary man...’

Matt declared, ‘The Nightmare Child broke through the Time War and escaped into Earth in the 1700s’ but Will was quite certain: ‘Of course, it was the darkness.  As Rose Tyler said, 'The darkness is coming'.  It happened earlier than the rest of Reality's collapse, but that was because time was distorted after River did not kill the Doctor at Silencio.  Light returned though, after the Doctor flew the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS, thus 're-lighting the fire' and bringing back sunlight.’ Full marks for ingenuity!

But today’s final word goes to Jack: ‘Was it some sort of eclipse? Maybe the Silurians were trying to frighten us again? Or maybe it was a Supernova? The possibilities are endless in Doctor Who!’ Well, amidst all these fun guesses and creative theories, there’s one fact that’s most certainly true!

Many thanks to everyone who got into the spirit of this and joined in – we had a huge number of brilliant replies and enjoyed reading all of them!

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