The Doctor in the News

The fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who has been reported by media across the world and here in the UK BBC News has delivered a number of reports and videos reflecting on the Time Lord’s half century.

Journalist Lizo Mzimba interviews Matt Smith and David Tennant on location and looks forward to The Day of the Doctor in this report and there’s a special video focussing on regeneration, looking at how the Doctor has transformed his appearance over the years. The show’s production designer, Michael Pickwoad, tells BBC News where he got his inspiration for the TARDIS from and in this video, Doctor Who’s lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat hints at what’s ahead in The Day of the Doctor…

A video entitled ‘Doctor Who - 50 years of memories’ promises to deliver, ‘Five decades in five minutes’… Does it succeed? Find out for yourself! If you’re after a more thoughtful piece you can try ‘Doctor Who at 50: Politics and religion in series analysed’  and if you’re a fan of the TARDIS, check out this gallery… 

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