So as you may have noticed, the Series 9 Teaser trailer has been set free into the universe! But what’s it all about? Who was that guy? What was that thing? Why was she standing beside her?!? We need to know! But we also need to hear what you think. Tweet us your thoughts – the crazier and more creative the better! We’re at @bbcdoctorwho and would love to hear from you!

So… that was 90 seconds of high octane Doctor Who-ness that we loved! But what’s it all about?

First up – the Doctor looks more chilled, doesn’t he? Cool shades, big smiles, huge hug for Clara and wanting to kiss something to death. And he’s rocking that guitar! Can’t wait to see him on Saturday, 19 September: the day the Doctor returns to BBC One!

Clara looks to have been thrown right into the thick of the action again. What do we think she’s hiding from?

And the orange spacesuits are back! We reckon right now she’s wondering, ‘Exactly how bad can it get?!?’

LOTS of new monsters, with some crazy new faces – or even two-faces…

And a scary looking guy with a sinister face, black hat and a purposeful walk. A walk that suggests he’s up to no good and he’s up to it with some urgency.

And check out the – ahem – unusual looking figure the Doctor comes face-to-face with. We’re also curious about this guy. How does he fit in with the new series?

The Daleks are back! The Doctor’s oldest and most iconic enemies glide back into his life but which episode(s) do you think they’ll be sticking their eyestalks into? And perhaps more importantly, What’s behind it? Yeah, looks like it’s a… Which is curious!

We love the cinematic scale of the trailer… Doctor Who has always been big, but now it’s in a different dimension!!!

We already knew that Missy was returning but it looks like she’s facing-off with Clara. Given that the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Evil’ was responsible for the death of Clara’s boyfriend we’d like to be a fly on the wall for that showdown. Actually. We can be! Saturday, 19 September… Did we mention that?

And on the subject of the Doctor’s ‘best enemy’, is that fear we can see in her eyes? And if so, what on Earth – or wherever – can scare Missy?

Just in case the Zygons weren’t evil enough (in the past they’ve tried to steal our planet and they were very mean to Clara) they’re now picking on small children. Thank goodness Osgood will be there for their adventure, but hold on… No Osgood in the trailer. Could that be significant?

Those two lines from the Doctor were interesting. ‘I’m the Doctor and I save people!’ should be on his business card but we’re much more intrigued by his opening words: ‘Every time I think it couldn’t get any more extraordinary it surprises me. It’s impossible, I hate it, it’s evil, it’s astonishing… I want to kiss it to death!’ Who or what is the Time Lord talking about? Answers and ideas to the usual twitter address, please…

And finally, it’s Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams! *Applause* Sometimes on a trailer you get a must-watch-again-immediately moment and this is another one of those. There’s just something intriguing and exciting with this exchange… What do you think the deal is with Maisie’s character and the Doctor?

Give us your reaction to the new trailer and don’t forget, Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday, 19 September… And now, well now we’re off to WATCH THE TRAILER AGAIN!!!…

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