Weekly Roundup: 28th Oct - 4th Nov

Welcome to the Doctor Who weekly roundup. Where we show you a week in the world of Who. We started by finding out who was the biggest diva on the Doctor Who set.

To celebrate Arachnids In The UK we launched a Snapchat filter, which Matt Edmondson (BBC Radio One) and Mollie King (The Saturdays) tested out for us.

We had a closer look at the formation of Team TARDIS from Arachnids In The UK.

The Doctor Who cast wished you a happy Wholloween.

The Mutant Spider’s were the subject of this week’s case file.

Composer Segun Akinola took us through the design of the new theme song.

The cast revealed what a good beard can do on Doctor Who.

Jodie talked about characters that inspired her growing up.

It was then time for The Tsuranga Conundrum.

After the episode, we got a glimpse of what’s to come in episode 6.

Followed by Tosin Cole proving he had the best dance moves on set.

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