What do you think happened?

On May 19th, 1780, darkness fell across vast swathes of New England and Canada. Nothing unusual about that. Except it was noon… The darkness lasted several hours and many believed that this sinister ‘night-time’ signalled the end of the world…

It’s one of those mysteries the Doctor would love to solve! Unfortunately, he’s a little busy at the moment. Planets to save, species to rescue, new forms of jammy dodgers to invent.

So, we’d like to know what you think caused this mysterious event! Some people have suggested forest fires whilst others say that a blaze big enough to cause total darkness for several hours would have been noticed!

Your suggestions can be scientific but we’d also love to hear explanations that tie into the Doctor’s world. Do you think a vast armada of Dalek spaceships over North America caused the phenomenon, for instance? Did the Cybermen have a metal hand in the mystery or were the Judoon poking their horns into human affairs again?

On May 19th - the anniversary of what became known as Dark Day – we’ll publish the best, most inventive, funniest and craziest of your suggestions. So, let your imaginations go ballistic and let’s shed some light on the noon-time darkness!

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