Famous ‘First’ Lines... Updated with Answers!

A new Doctor’s first adventure is always unique as the world finds out what kind of Time Lord will now be saving the universe. There have been many memorable moments where the new costume is revealed or a confused companion shares that awkward first conversation with the regenerated figure before them…

So, how much can you remember about new Doctors’ debuts? Below you’ll find five quotes from new Doctors’ first full adventures… All you have to do is identify the Doctor and the episode! (We’ve now added the answers below, so no peeking before you’ve had a bash!)

“Regeneration in my case is a swift but volcanic experience.”

“All those planets, and creatures and horizons! I haven't seen them yet!”

“Oh, I can't have changed that much, surely?”

“Time to put on a show!”

“I think the nose is a definite improvement…”


Answers: The first line was spoken by the Sixth Doctor during The Twin Dilemma and the second line was delivered by the Tenth Doctor at the close of The Christmas Invasion. The Third Doctor asked the question, “Oh, I can't have changed that much, surely?” when speaking to the Brigadier in the opening episode of Spearhead from Space and the Eleventh Doctor announced it was “Time to put on a show!” in The Eleventh Hour. And finally, after seeing his new face in Robot, the Fourth Doctor mused, “I think the nose is a definite improvement…”

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