Voting is now open: Vote for your favourite ‘Matt Moment’!

We’ve received and read your feedback and have now opened the voting for you to choose your favourite ‘Matt moment’!

Last week we asked for your favourite scene or exchange from the Eleventh Doctor’s era. In other words, we wanted to know your favourite ‘Matt moment’! We’re delighted and grateful we received such an avalanche of replies with so many of you contacting us with your most cherished Doctor Who memories from 2010 onwards.

We had to narrow the many suggestions down to just 11, selecting nominations by looking at the numbers of people opting for certain scenes and the passion expressed for those moments. You can vote now for your favourite moment of the Eleventh Doctor’s era and the complete list of nominations (presented in the order in which they were broadcast), together with some of your feedback is below…


1.     The Eleventh Hour – Fish fingers and custard

One of the Eleventh Doctor’s earliest scenes touched the hearts of many people. ‘Thanks Matt! We loved all of the stories when you were the Doctor,’ Abi and Jess told us, ‘But especially Fish Fingers and Custard with little Amelia Pond. We will miss you…’


2.     The Eleventh Hour – ‘Hello, I’m the Doctor…’

It was the moment we first saw the bow tie and the Eleventh Doctor basically being very cool as he confronted the Atraxi. Lee summed up the feelings of many people when he wrote, ‘My favourite moment of Matt’s is from "The Eleventh Hour".  Right after it shows the hologram images of the ten previous Doctors and then Matt steps through the image and introduces himself with "Hello, I'm the Doctor… Basically, run." That's when I knew I was really going to like Matt!’


3.     Vincent and the Doctor – The Doctor shows Vincent his legacy.

Hard not to get misty-eyed just thinking about the scene where the Doctor takes Vincent van Gogh to the Musée d'Orsay and reveals the impact his friend really made on the world. Evelyne was one of many who got in touch to say, ‘My favourite Matt Moment was during Vincent and the Doctor, series 5. I cried so much when the Doctor brought Vincent to the Musée d'Orsay and showed him that everything Vincent did and painted really was worth it. It was so moving.’


4.     The Pandorica Opens – The Doctor’s monologue

The Eleventh Doctor’s first season delivered an epic finale with The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang and the Doctor’s speech towards the end of the first of those episodes got the nod from many! ‘Matt’s best moment is unquestionably the speech he makes to the assembled armies that come to claim the Pandorica. It borders on epic… Sends a shiver down the spine every time I hear it,’ Ian said, adding, ‘And a big shout out to Murray Gold who scores the moment perfectly!


5.     The Doctor’s Wife – saying goodbye to the TARDIS in her humanoid form…

So many people nominated this moment but told us they wept when watching it! It is, of course, the scene where the Doctor has one last exchange with the TARDIS while she is in humanoid form. ‘I would have to say that my absolute favourite "Matt Moment" was his final verbal interaction with Idris/the TARDIS at the end of The Doctor's Wife,’ Lancie declared. ‘It's just a beautiful moment, and if I'm completely honest, I can't watch the scene without tearing up.’


6.     A Good Man Goes to War

It was an episode packed with adventure and action, but in the end, the moment that made it as a nomination was the scene in which the Doctor finally discovers River’s ‘true’ identity… As Séverine put it, ‘I will choose… when he finally discovers who River is. No words, only strange noises, messy moves, and this huge joy on both the Doctor and River’s faces. And us, behind the screen, we see it is the moment, but we still don't understand. I couldn't stand still. It was unforgettable, a great moment in the Doctor’s story and a great Matt performance, all in emotion. My favourite one!’


7.     The Angels Take Manhattan – The Doctor Reads Amy’s Message

The episode that saw the Ponds make their farewell was a firm favourite and many people selected a touching scene as their Matt moment…  The scene that made it through to the final 11 comes towards the end of the adventure, where the Doctor realises Amy has left him a message. He races back to New York and reads her final words to him… Aleana called the episode ‘adventurous and scary’, admitting, ‘I cry every time I hear Amy’s letter to him [the Doctor].’


8.     The Bells of Saint John – The Conversation with the Doctor Looking Up at Clara

It was sweet and strangely moving scene, and the choice of a great many people. Which one? Amanda described it: ‘There were a lot of great moments with Matt, but I think my favourite one was when he's talking to Clara in 'The Bells of Saint John' while she's hanging out her window and he’s telling her what she missed while she was asleep, that he's guarding her… and then he gets all excited that he invented the quadracycle!’


9.     The Rings of Akhaten – The Doctor’s Speech

Many people felt that the Time Lord’s glorious speech at the end of this episode ran rings (of Akhaten) around other moments in the Eleventh Doctor’s era. Fraser was eloquent in his assessment: ‘I think the best moment featuring Matt Smith in Doctor Who has got to be his brilliant, tear-jerking speech in The Rings of Akhaten. It was a brilliant piece of writing and one of the best moments not only for the Eleventh Doctor, but for the whole series and it will be very sad to see him go in this year’s Christmas special.’


10.  Nightmare in Silver – Matt as the Doctor and ‘Mr Clever’.

This is more a ‘double-Matt moment’ and a scene that many people selected as their fave! Jeanette wrote, ‘Matt Smith has taken my breath away with his portrayal of the Doctor, just at Patrick Troughton did all those years ago.  If I had to pick a [favourite] moment, however, it would be the scene from Nightmare in Silver where he was both the Doctor and the Cyber Controller.  The ‘quick-change’ between the characters was amazing and I just can't imagine anyone else pulling it off so spectacularly!  Well done Matt – you are a star!  I will miss you.’


11.  The Day of the Doctor – the Eleventh Doctor’s closing speech

The closing seconds of the 50th anniversary special provided an iconic moment in Doctor Who… and the final nomination. Jacob summed up many people’s thoughts… ‘[The closing seconds form] my favourite Matt moment because even though all of the Doctors are in this scene, it is Matt's Doctor who is saying the lines and is his incarnation of the Doctor that finally works out that he is going home.... Also, [it’s] how Matt said the lines and how he walked with all the pride in the universe to stand with all of his other  previous regenerations on the cloud which made me cry with happiness... I went into full on cry mode when he said that he was going home. Even though the Doctor is a fictional character I am so happy for him that he is going home. That is my favourite Matt moment. May Doctor Who continue into the future and beyond for another glorious 50 years!’


So, those are the nominations, vote for your favourite ‘Matt moment’ now!

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