The Great Intelligence Collection

Find out more about the Doctor’s old enemy…

The Snowmen saw the return of the Great Intelligence, the malevolent force that threatened to destroy humanity through the sinister Doctor Simeon. It was the first adventure in over forty years to feature the Intelligence, so what’s the story behind this terrifying and mysterious foe?

The Great Intelligence first appeared The Abominable Snowmen, a 1967 story set in a remote Himalayan monastery. It returned the following year in The Web of Fear where the Doctor was able to foil its attack focussed on the London Underground and the 2012 Christmas Special saw the Time Lord facing his old enemy in Victorian England.

We’ve received lots of questions about the Intelligence’s previous appearances and so we’re delighted to roll out our Great Intelligence Collection. All three of their adventures are included and the collection comprises clips, information about the stories, galleries (including a behind-the-scenes look at their debut), Fourth Dimensions and much more…

   The Great Intelligence
Find out more about the Doctor’s old enemy…

   The Abominable Snowmen
Travel to the Himalayas for the Intelligence’s first adventure!

   The Web of Fear
The Intelligence invades the London Underground!

   The Snowmen
The Great Intelligence returns in this creepy Christmas special!

   The Second Doctor
Meet the first Doctor who encountered the Intelligence… 

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