Whose Side Were You On? The Votes are In!

Wednesday 17 April 2013, 15:38

 The Doctor Who Team The Doctor Who Team

Cold War

We asked who were you rooting for during Cold War and thousands of you shared your thoughts!

The results of the vote are in and a whopping 44% of voters sympathised with both the sub’s crew and Grand Marshal Skaldak. This was by far and away the most widely-held opinion whereas people sympathising solely with the crew registered the lowest number of votes with a mere 16% on the side of the Captain and his men.

17% were neutral and a fair old chunk – 23% of votes received - would have warmed our Ice Warrior’s heart as they were cast by people rooting for Skaldak!

Big thanks to everyone who took part in the vote and don’t forget, if you enjoyed the return of the Ice Warriors, BBC iPlayer users can enjoy Cold War again, online now!

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