Day 3: Steven Moffat on the First Dalek Adventure

Monday 3 December 2012, 13:11

 The Doctor Who Team The Doctor Who Team

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The Daleks first appeared 49 years ago this month when the TARDIS visited the strange and sinister planet known as Skaro…

To celebrate the Doctor’s oldest alien adversaries we’re beginning a short series of videos which feature Doctor Who’s lead writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, discussing their history. He selects a number of stories that are amongst his favourites and the most significant Dalek adventures, beginning, appropriately enough, with the Daleks’ debut from December, 1963.

He reviews stories stretching right back to the First Doctor era and if you want to know more about today’s adventure, visit The Daleks where you’ll find clips, galleries and some need-to-know info about the story!

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