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Tuesday 4 February 2014, 11:32

 The Doctor Who Team The Doctor Who Team

Tom Baker: The Fourth Doctor Straight after the unveiling of the new Doctor’s costume  we asked you to vote on a simple question: which of the early Doctors was the snappiest dresser? You voted in your thousands and the full rundown of results may surprise you…

The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, was the runaway winner, raking in 47% of the votes. His triumph in the sartorial stakes is understandable as his famous, multi-coloured scarf became iconic and emblematic of not just of his Doctor, but Doctor Who itself. He may have had several wardrobe changes but after his first season his overall look comprising long coat and looping scarf became consistent, often embellished with a battered brown hat, knee length boots and the occasional waistcoat. His appearance managed to remain distinctive without becoming bizarre. Bohemian, fun but never outrageous, his taste in clothes ensured he won this poll by literally thousands of votes. When the Fourth Doctor’s companion, Romana once donned a replica of his own familiar costume, he was the first to congratulate her. ‘That's exactly right!’ he told her.  ‘I never realised you had such a sense of style!’

The Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, scooped second place after claiming 14% of the votes. Like the Fourth Doctor, his costume varied considerably during his time in the TARDIS. His largely colourless ensemble favoured in his early adventures gradually gave way to a more daring wardrobe full of bright velvet jackets and big black bowties. Little wonder that when the First Doctor himself gazed down on him during The Three Doctors, he quickly branded him a dandy!

The Fifth Doctor took third place with 12%. His outfit remained largely unchanged throughout his era – an old-fashioned, predominantly cream-coloured cricketer’s costume perked up with a stick of celery on his lapel. ‘Brave choice…’ The Tenth Doctor once remarked, ‘Not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable!’

The Seventh Doctor, with his paisley scarf and tie, two-toned brogues and tank top covered in question marks notched up a creditable 10% of the votes, coming slightly ahead of the Sixth Doctor. Many people have commented on the garishness of his attire, but the combination of bright coat, yellow and black trousers and red spats was a favourite with some fans and brought the Sixth Doctor to fifth place in this poll.

The First and Second Doctors came in with 6% and 4% respectively, possibly because their costumes were so seldom seen in colour. You can check out all of the early Doctors’ outfits in our costume gallery and we’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone who took the time to vote: thank you!

And so finally, the complete rundown of results in our poll to find which of the early Doctors was the snappiest dresser is as follows:


1st: The Fourth Doctor (47%)

2nd: The Third Doctor (14%)

3rd: The Fifth Doctor (12%)

4th: The Seventh Doctor (10%)

5th: The Sixth Doctor (7%)

6th: The First Doctor (6%)

7th: The Second Doctor (4%)

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