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Tomatoes on the Go

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Sara Cox Sara Cox | 17:19 UK time, Friday, 28 August 2009

So hello and welcome to my penultimate blog! What better way to begin than with the well known saying: "Tomatoes ripening are like buses, you wait ages for one, and then four all ripen at once."

Sara's green tomatoes (wih blight) just over one week agoPicture the scene: rubbish gardener (me), hovers nervously over her veg patch, watching terrified as evil blight slowly but surely takes hold of her beloved tomato plants. The stems are darkening, but the tomatoes are all bright green, and as yet untouched by the wicked claw of disease that will render then black and yucksome.

Aforementioned rubbish gardener can bear the pain no longer, so skedaddle off to centre parks for a week with the kids.

That's the story so far. Fast forward one week. Having struggled through the door after a long motorway journey with fractious children, I popped down to the patch, hoping to see some progress. There had indeed been some ripening. In fact three toms had ripened a little too enthusiastically, and had fallen red, then blighted to the floor. 

Sara's ripened tomatoesSeveral other tomatoes hung brown and diseased. Rubbish! But ahoy, what's that shining red and lush on the stalk? Hurrah! Four perfect tomatoes!

I'm very pleased and, considering the onslaught of blight has been pretty relentless, I consider myself lucky to have any toms at all.

That's not all, either. The remaining green tomatoes look fine. Just praying for sunshine and hopefully we should have more. I'll be checking them daily this time, and definitely not disappearing off to a holiday park.


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