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Your greatest sporting achievements

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Dan Walker | 12:50 UK time, Thursday, 25 March 2010

Things in the Walker house were not good earlier in the week. Both the miniature heroes were ill - number one had a temperature that just hit 39 degrees and number two was feeling the pain of new fangs coming through. It meant Tuesday's trip to Windsor was a little too much for everyone.

Even though we were the only people on a boat that can hold about 200, the tour bloke still gave us the full spiel.

I now know there are 44 locks on the Thames and that there are over six miles of corridors in Windsor Castle. I could baffle you with additional castle-based facts, but I thought I would tell you about last week's trip to see Kevin Davies.

To mark the fact that the Premier League sponsors were giving £1000 per goal and £500 for every shot on target last weekend to Sport Relief, we were invited to a one-on-one masterclass with the Bolton striker.

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World Cup excitement mounts with Rooney meeting

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Dan Walker | 10:12 UK time, Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I am writing this on the train to Manchester. I am accompanied by a small bag of salad gums, an iced bun and a banana (for health purposes).

I am on the way to get some goal scoring tips from Bolton's Kevin Davies for Sport Relief. You will be able to see me embarrass myself on Saturday's show and it will probably make an interesting blog for next week... as long as I don't disgrace myself.

This week I want to blog about another striker. Last Thursday I went to see Wayne Rooney at a World Cup launch event at Earls Court hosted by a World Cup sponsors. Hundreds of competition winners got the chance to see their hero and have their picture taken with the world cup.

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Winning hearts and minds

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Dan Walker | 06:28 UK time, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Is it possible to win someone over to the beautiful game by taking them to a single match?

A few weeks ago I decided to conduct my own experiment. I was on a week's holiday with family and friends, two of whom - Libby and Sophie - had never been to, or even watched, a football match. I decided to change all that.

Staying in a barn in Derbyshire, the two midweek games within striking distance were Derby v Preston and Sheffield Wednesday v Doncaster. We chose Hillsborough.

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Goalies, Toffee Crisps and Hansen impersonators

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Dan Walker | 12:20 UK time, Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the programme on Saturday as we went on the road for the sixth time this season. Wembley was a little different to the other stadiums we have been to so far. You need two coloured wristbands and a high-visibility jacket before you can even make it to the toilets let alone the pitch.

I have got a bit of behind-the-scenes action for you later but I wanted to start with something I am getting increasingly worried about. I had a phone call this week from the Match of the Day podcast team who wanted to get my views on England's three problems positions: goalkeeper, left-back and Wayne Rooney's strike partner - if he needs one.

I don't think we need to worry too much about left-back if Ashley Cole is fit and Rooney could play up-front with Scooby-Doo and still shine. It's the keeper that concerns me. I know Capello went with Bobby Green against Egypt but my worry is that David James will be number one in South Africa. He's a fantastic keeper, but I can't help feeling history is going to repeat itself. Older stoppers have scuppered England's chances twice before.

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