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Another blue Monday for Brown

Andrew Neil | 11:09 UK time, Monday, 26 January 2009

Gordon Brown has hit the airwaves yet again this morning talking about the banking crisis and recession. He wants us to see what's happening as the "birth-pangs" of the new era of globalisation but with the drop of each new grim economic statistic there's a danger that voters are more likely to see it as a return to 1930's-style depression.

It's not just the economic figures which are bleak: the latest poll gives the Tories a 15% lead. Most polls are now giving the Tories a lead of at least 10%, heralding the end of the Brown bounce and squashing any further talk of an early election. We'll be discussing the latest economic news with Martin Sorrell, chief executive of advertising giant WPP.

In its current economic predicament, the last thing the government needs is a full-blown sleaze scandal. But it looks like it's got one: the Government's leader in the House of Lords is meeting four Labour peers today to discuss the allegations made in yesterday's Sunday Times that they offered to "change laws for cash". All four - including two former Labour government ministers - deny the allegations. But the affair brings out into the open questions about the credibility of the House of Lords, and in particular the rules governing outside interests of peers. We'll be exploring those questions on the programme.

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