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The perfect time to ditch the pound?

Andrew Neil | 10:03 UK time, Friday, 12 December 2008

As usual on Fridays, I shall leave you in the more than capable hands of my co-presenter Anita Anand. anita.jpg

Are you under the weather?

Well, Manchester might just have the remedy for that bunged up feeling. Yes, today the result of the city's ballot on congestion charging is announced. The citizens of Manchester have been voting on whether they should be charged up to £5 a day to drive in and out of their city. We will find out the result live and analyse the implications for other potential schemes across the country with former Transport Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott .

Then again maybe the euro is just the pill that our ailing economy needs. With the pound approaching parity with the euro, the former Tory MEP, John Stevens, certainly thinks so. We will be examining whether an economic downturn is the perfect time to ditch the pound. money.jpg

Or perhaps Gordon Brown is the man to help. After all he admitted on Wednesday that he saved the world and yesterday, his deputy Harriet Harman, said that he was her superman.

Also we will have leading commentator Peter Hitchens of the Mail and Chuka Umunna, from the think-tank, Compass.

And as ever we'll have our Friday run down of what's up and what's down in the political charts.

All that on the Daily Politics at Noon on BBC2.


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