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Stefan Golaszewski on Him & Her

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Jon Aird | 10:30 UK time, Friday, 28 October 2011

With hit BBC Three programme 'Him & Her' returning on Tuesday, we asked writer and creator of the show, Stefan Golaszewski, to give us his thoughts on the new series. He's also happy to answer any questions you may have about the series, so why not comment below! 

Stefan Golaszewski - 'Big Talk Productions/ Andy Laas'

Stefan Golaszewski - 'Big Talk Productions/Andy Laas'

"With the second series of Him & Her, I’ve tried to push the show forward - more funny bits, more drama, more pointlessness and inactivity. More like what it’s like to be in love. We’ve tried to make every episode feel and look different, to take the show to a new place each week. In other comedies you can send the characters off to the pub or the zoo. In this show, where we never go outside, you can’t. And so the series focuses in on the characters and the tiny moments their days are made of, on the next stage of Steve and Becky’s relationship, on the slow destruction of Laura and Paul, on the will-they-won’t-they of Dan and Shelly. Steve’s ex-girlfriend’s back from university. Laura’s ploughing on with her wedding plans. Dan’s back with his girlfriend Anita. Shelly’s still alone.

This is a show about what it’s like to be indoors with the one you love. Never going outside, existing in real time, the comedy and the drama have to come from details, from the sorts of things that happen in everyday life. It has to feel natural, organic and unwritten. This can be a challenge to write. It takes ages to make something look like it hasn’t taken ages. But it’s also the fun of it, trying to reflect what being a person is actually like, as opposed to the kinds of people you get on telly - the terribly serious people who don’t go to the toilet and always know what to say to each other. I’ve tried to take this, the Him & Her way of doing things, and marry it to funnier stuff, more dramatic stuff and a wider cast of characters. Becky’s parents meet Steve’s mum and her new boyfriend. There’s a fight outside. Dan’s cousin comes round. We meet another neighbour. Lots more happens in this series but it’s still always about Steve and Becky wanting to be alone when no one will let them."

Here's a clip rounding up all the best bits of Him & Her series 1 plus a peek at series 2...


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Him & Her returns to BBC Three at 10.30 pm on Tuesday 1st November. 

Stefan is happy to answer any questions, so comment below and he might get back to you.


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