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Candy Cabs Q&A: Jo and Lisa

Steve Saul | 18:30 UK time, Monday, 18 April 2011

It's the last episode of Candy Cabs tonight (21.00, BBC One). If you can't wait, here's Candy Cabs Q&A. We put your questions to the stars of Candy Cabs. First up? Jo Joyner and Lisa Millett...

BBC Comedy: What was it like working on Candy Cabs, compared to working on other shows, like Eastenders?

Jo Joyner: It was nice to work up north in the sunshine all on location with lots of women. At Eastenders I'm always in the same studio down. Down south we hardly ever get out. Change is always nice. The biggest difference was filming something with a beginning, middle and end. We never know where things are leading at Eastenders, like burying your husband alive!

Lisa Millett: One favourite moment has to be filming on a speed boat! Trust me when I say I am the very opposite of an adrenalin junkie! I'm an adrenalin FLUNKIE! Scared of fast things, water - I can't swim - nearly drowned when I was seven.... need I go on?


Dreaded the day arriving when I had to film on the boat. The cast and crew were all very supportive, knowing how mentally terrified and physically sick I was. Jo was the guardian angel of the day.

We were so like our characters that day, me properly having a marigold moment and Jo looking after me and telling me she was not going to let anything bad happen to me, and she would not let me drown!

BBC Comedy: Who made you laugh the most whilst filming? And why?

Jo Joyner: It's a hard one. Lisa (as Elaine) would very often have me in stitches, but then Melanie Hill (who plays Stella) just has funny bones!

BBC Comedy: Did you all do your own driving or were there lots of 'stunt' drivers?

Lisa Millett: I think I'm an excellent driver as long as I don't have to reverse, park or hit a mark on the floor that you can only see if you are strapped to the under carriage of the taxi!

Jo Joyner: I did all my own driving except for some of the helicopter shots of all the cars, as we were usually busy filming elsewhere.

BBC Comedy: When you are in a taxi do you prefer a chatty cab driver or one that keeps to themselves?

Jo Joyner: Oooh, depends what mood I'm in! If it's a long journey and I have a lot of work to do or lines to learn then I like quiet. If it's a quick jaunt into town on a night out then I like the stories!

Lisa Millett: There's got to be a balance, hasn't there? Cabbies that don't speak  at all are a little disconcerting and those that talk your ear off are equally off putting. It depends where you are going and why really.

A taxi driver once refused to take me somewhere because he'd already been that way today! Then he did take me and then proceeded to explain his dislike of the route in intricate detail. How many cameras there were, and his theory on what speed cameras were really there fo... his ex-wife apparantly had contacts at the council and was keeping tabs on him.

Other drivers have cracking stories if you're willing to listen... the naked man abandoned on his stag do and the Staffordshire cabbie who on his first week was sent to "2 Heath Row in Stoke-on-Trent." Guess where he went? Terminal 2!

BBC Comedy: How much from Hemel Hempstead to Heathrow Airport?

Lisa Millett: Er, just get the train!

Jo Joyner: For you love... nothing x

Don't miss the last episode of Candy Cabs (tonight, 21.00 on BBC One).

More Candy Cabs Q&As to follow tomorrow...



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