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Lionel Messi. Barcelona to Blackburn Rovers. 100 million.

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Jon Aird | 11:32 UK time, Monday, 31 January 2011

Transfer Updates

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First up: Lionel Messi, Barcelona to Blackburn Rovers, £100 Million.

Lionel Messi in a flat cap, carrying a whippet.

In a sensational, if slightly misleading, press statement, the new owners of Blackburn Rovers announce the £100 million capture of Argentine superstar Lionel Messi:

"This is the perfect signing for Blackburn Rovers in every single respect, apart from the fact that it's not actually happening. Obviously. But imagine if it were! How cool would that be? And the fact we're even fantasising about a transfer likes this shows our ambition for the club and proves we're more than just a couple of random chancers, looking for a way to squander our chicken millions."


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