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Notes from The Now Show: Frosty Leaks

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David Thair | 14:45 UK time, Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hugh Dennis, Marcus Brigstocke and Steve Punt are a bit chilly.

Here's Producer Julia McKenzie with this week's notes from the Now Show ideas meeting.

Marcus Brigstocke is back on the show this week from his stint in Spamalot and says:

"After 6 months of prancing about in musical theatre I am thrilled to be back on The Now Show. Seeing as it's cold and half of Britain is shut due to Arctic conditions I thought that this week I might talk about Global Warming. 'Oh the weather outside's frightful, but the Daily Express is so delightful...'"

Also on the show will be guest comedian Andi Osho along with Laura Shavin and Mitch Benn who'll be preparing a couple of topical songs for us.

The main story this week (unless you're snowed in) seems to be the waves and ripples issuing from WikiLeaks. The difficult bit is gauging public reaction: as Hugh Dennis says, we're not really falling off our chairs to discover that gossip and private comments are exchanged on a diplomatic and international scale.

However, with the eyebrow-raising revelations about the Chinese government's reported views on North Korea, we intend to lead on the leaks, and Steve Punt would really like to know what your opinion is about them in general.

  • Remember, this is the Comedy Blog and The Now Show, so if it's serious debate you're after, Have Your Say might be more suitable. Otherwise, leave a comment and tell the team: was it the right thing to leak the information and are you shocked at the revelations?

 The Now Show continues on Fridays at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4.


  • Comment number 1.

    Not sure how anyone could be shocked by the revelations as it's stuff we've all seen before. For most of us that would have been when we were attending Primary School but I doubt whether people really grow out of the name calling and double dealing. What I am shocked about though is the number of people that have been shocked, shocking!!!!

  • Comment number 2.

    The revelations are not that shocking but the compliant attitude by much of the mainstream media has certainly put a huge question mark over their role or relevance in the future

  • Comment number 3.

    Who cares if Mr Sarkosy is a garlic smelling short arse and Prince Charles is as charismatic as a dead badger lying dead in a ditch. I want to know when they are going to leak Santa's naughty list!

  • Comment number 4.

    I think the US ambassadors are bugging the ferro roche. and whats going on with Vince Cable. Surely his turn around on University tuition fees is one of the biggest political 180's since Anne Widdecombe scored three trebble 20's to snatch the 1998 Westminster All Stars Darts Championship title from Margaret Beckett.

  • Comment number 5.

    The shock came by the relevation that someone actually called their website: WikiLeaks.

    Sounds like something said in a Scottish dialect: "Wee-e-Leaks" that pertains to rushing to the toilet in a hurry.

    Or perhaps the owner felt it was the right thing to have a leak after holding onto it for so long after pointing the finger instead at: Wee-he-leaks?


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