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Things I learned recording my Mr and Mrs Smith radio pilot

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David Thair | 15:00 UK time, Monday, 2 August 2010

Will Smith (the comedian) writes...

The OTHER Will Smith
If you are married, and you write a show where you play a character going to marriage counselling who has your name, you can expect a few awkward conversations with people on the outer ring of your social circle i.e. "Everything alright with you? It's just I saw you were doing a show about a troubled marriage..."

They obviously don't know me that well. I'd never go to marriage counselling. Like anniversary presents and fresh flowers, it's a waste of money.

Sarah Hadland (who plays my fictional wife, Annabelle) was in a Bond film! She plays an airline receptionist in Quantum of Solace from whom Daniel Craig buys a ticket. He doesn't bed her though. And I'm married to her. So I win.

Paterson Joseph
(our counsellor, Guy) is incredibly cool. Not just because he's in Peep Show (he plays Johnson), but because backstage he brought his own teabags and sat reading a biography of Doctor Johnson. I look forward to further surprises should we get a series, where I find him practising Aikido whilst whisking up a quiche.

Morwenna Banks (my mother-in-law, Sally) is an amazing mimic. Watching her play two characters in the same scene, one of whom was meant to sound like all European accents in one, was an absolute joy. She could do a "One Woman Complete Eastenders" live show. If she had a heart of pure evil.

Geoffrey Whitehead (my father-in-law, John) will steal any show. He is the finest purveyor of upper class bastards in the country. I get so excited writing for him. I want a series just so we can do scene after scene where he belittles me. I actually get off on it, and I don't think he'd come to my house and do it for cash.

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Mr and Mrs Smith is on Tuesday at 11pm as part of BBC Radio 4's Happy Tuesdays.


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