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Psychoville: Reece Shearsmith studies the fragments

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Reece Shearsmith | 11:00 UK time, Tuesday, 27 July 2010

reecesteve.jpgShadowy figures: Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith on the set of Psychoville

Roll up Psychoville fans - nearly time to come out and play again. Yes you know who you are; in the words of the late (?) Mr Jelly - "Don't be ashamed".

We have been toiling the last eight weeks, filming our Halloween Special and second series for your consideration. It has been an absolute joy, and I believe we've captured something rather special.

The last series ended with a cliffhanger (of sorts), that left some people hating us for daring to end our first series with some unanswered questions. "Short changed" and "ripped off" were some of the comments I seem to recall.

It was never our intention to leave people bemused and wanting the time they'd invested in the series back again. It has even been reported that we left the series ambiguous so as to "force" the powers that be into commissioning a second series!? Happily they did, but I can assure you, it wasn't recommissioned just because they had to find out what happens next! If only that was all you had to do.

Anyway, the series is in the can now, and thus begins the editing process. I shall be excited to attend and watch it slowly put back together again. Filming is the gathering of the pieces; editing the painstaking process of putting the captured fragments back together again. Hopefully without spoiling my timing.

We have also worked hard on another detailed web experience to run alongside the programme and I hope that proves just as enjoyable as the first one.

It's hard to talk about the series and what's in store without ruining our surprises (already ruined by suggesting there are surprises. Damn.) and so I won't say anything to jeopardise any of those moments or all that careful work. Suffice to say, there are some great people joining us for the ride, and I don't think in writing a second series we have at all tarnished our first instalment. In fact, it only gets better.
But you will be the judges of that, come this October when you are treated to our hour long Halloween Special. The series is to follow early next year. I think. Sit tight. You are in for some real treats. (And one or two tricks for that matter).

Reece Shearsmith is co-creator of Psychoville.


  • Comment number 1.

    Many thanks for the blog Reece. Was never one of those who complained about the ending of S1. You & Steve were the creators & you knew what you were doing - or had some idea of where you wanted to take us next on this bizarre journey with these amazing characters!

    I just know the Halloween Special & S2 (brilliant that its early next year!) will be the highlights of the viewing year 2010/11 (along with Mark & Stephen Moffat's great 'Sherlock' reimagining.

    We're very lucky to be around when uniqueness & creativity is still savoured on tv. The best of luck to you & Steve that you will continue to be allowed to do it!

    Next time round lets hope Bafta honours Psychoville's unrivalled brilliance!

  • Comment number 2.

    We have been all waiting with baited breath for this blog! Cannot wait your Halloween special & Series 2, which I am certain will be equally as good as Series 1. I lived in Greece for 10 years and so sadly missed out on The League of Gentlemen first time round. However, when I came back to England & tuned into BBC 2 every Thursday night for Psychoville, I was totally hooked!..& this in turn made a great fan of all your league work too!...You two deserve every accolade going! Youre both genius!

  • Comment number 3.

    Can't wait for the Halloween special and second series! I'm so glad you're doing the websites again, that was lots of fun last time (though I admit I only a spotted a couple on my own, had to cheat for the rest)

    By the way, Jelly's line, "don't be ashamed" is my favourite line in the whole series. It's making me laugh just thinking about it!

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