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[John Keller] Chrome

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John Keller | 11:15 UK time, Friday, 12 March 2010

I'm John Keller and this is my web area. As you can see after years of correspondence (inc. urine samples) the BBC has finally agreed to broadcast my Truth(TM) - I hope not too late.

CV (Curriculum Veritatis)
I was a successful record company executive until the first of my nine main revelations. After the fourth one ("El Biggie"), I parted company with EMI and have washed up here as the BBC's Truth Correspondent.

Now, with my colleague Helen Atwill, I am working undercover in this psychiatric institution to show how the Powers are marginalising truthspeakers with the label "mentally ill." The BBC has agreed to serialise our findings (see clip, below) but to preserve then from interference by Powers they cannot be broadcast on the terrestrial networks - thankfully cyberspace is still safe from the controlling lunacy of cranks, so these will be going out on the BBC Truth Online website.

Helen and I are posing as Doctor and Patient and she has even come up with a 'condition' for me - fun! The food is not great here but the ethos is 'indoorsy' - which suits me.

Bulletin 3: 15 Feb 2010 AD

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Now, read on for the Case Notes of Dr Helen Atwill...

Case Notes of Dr Helen Atwill (DPsych (Prof), MSc, BD, AKC, MTh, UKCP)

Test Subject: John Keller

  • aka "Johannes Princeps/Johannes Imperator" (megalomanic phases / danger to self)
  • aka "Big Boy" (regressive infant phases also characterised by weeping, tantrums and self-soiling / danger to others)
In this week's interview Subject discussed Susan Boyle's alleged pregnancy and Ellie Goulding's reincarnation, a theory sparked by the claimed discovery of this ancient 'anagrammicon' in the Ashmolean archives:

ellie goulding dee
Note: After the interview Subject had an extreme "Big Boy" episode followed by two wearying hours as "Johannes Princeps" during which he explained that (in some way) Google is watching him from his laptop between the hours of midnight and 3am. He uses Microsoft's Bing during this time although it makes him want to "be sick on myself". HA

Supplementary Q&A

Dr Atwill: John, Google are making phones now. Do you think they're too big?

John Keller: I assume you are referring to the company, not the handsets!!! Actually I am concerned about Google's new browser, Google Chrome. Here it is (Fig. 1) with the flag of Ethiopia (Fig. 2), which it strongly resembles. Coincidence? Nope.

Fig. 1
chrome logo


Fig. 2
ethiopian flag 


Obviously there's no need to keep werewolves out of the internet and that's why they've left the Pentangle Radiant off the Chrome logo.


Ethiopia is believed to be the home of one of the lost tribes of Israel, the tribe of Dan. Could they be werewolves? Next time you see a Dan, check his face for hairiness and his eyes for lunar influence.

Our Kids

If Ethiopia is overrun with werewolves, Nephelim and crypto-mermaids, at least here in the north west of the globe (we are in a sense Earth's Scousers!!!!) our children are safe... or do they???!!!

Here is Fluffy, the so-called "vampire-slayer"! Far from being against the forces of darkness, she is subliminally advertising both the Chrome control-brand with her Ball of Lies - and also child-unfriendly single cigarettes (clenched 'conveniently' out of sight under her soft tail!!)


Subject continues to exhibit complex delusions consistent with initial diagnosis. Connection with narcoleptic episodes not yet established but linguistic triggers include 'jews', 'rigid' and 'frank chat'. HA

John Keller and Dr Helen Atwill are the inventions of Dan Antopolski.



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