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Gary Bellamy meets the legendary Ian Craig-Oldman

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Gary Bellamy | 17:25 UK time, Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Gary BellamyHello. GB here again, only a few days to go until BP (OTUKOGBANI) is launched into the world!

Now those of you who know me, know that I love people. Talking to people is one of my favourite pastimes, right up there with playing tennis, listening to British Sea Power and watching boxed sets of old Doctor Who series (just as some people prefer Paul McCartney to John Lennon, I prefer Peter Davidson to Tom Baker - it's an age thing).

The stories you hear from strangers can be fascinating, insightful, funny and sad - that's the nature of stories. But every now and again in this job you meet someone with a great story and Ian Craig-Oldman is just such a person. He doesn't have just one story, though. He has about six or seven, and luckily you will hear all of them in forthcoming episodes of Bellamy's People.  To wet your whistle have a look at him in action in this exclusive web video:

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Ian's a typical red-blooded sixties hell-raiser who has had about a billion wives. He was a huge force in his time, the Simon Cowell of the day, only without the strange gorilla hair cut. He was a rock manager and a film producer and has met everyone from the Beatles to the Bay City Rollers, via Michael Caine, Julie Christie and Terence Stamp.

Off camera I asked him about Terence Stamp, who my generation know as General Zod from the best Superman film of them all, SUPERMAN II. Sadly he didn't have much to say. Although Ian has known Terence for thirty years and had been great friends with him, they never actually met. Ian told me that Terrance was a stickler for the bottle in the old days but gave it up and is now hooked on wheat free bread and buckwheat.

After our interview Ian, who had gulped down a good few scotches, invited me and our waiter back to his for a little party. Unfortunately I had to go off for another interview but the waiter went and I hear they had a whale of a time.

I would have liked to have talked to Terence Stamp on Bellamy's People (OTUKOGBANI), but he didn't really fit into any category and Ben didn't feel that he was right.  He didn't think any of my other celebrity suggestions were right either, Naomi Watts, Jamie Lee Curtis and Melanie Griffith.

Maybe next series, eh (hint, hint, hint BBC).

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this behind-the-scenes, off-the-record, candid rap about the making of BP (OTUKOGBANI) and getting to see some of our unused interviews for the series. Believe me you me the stuff we actually used is even better!

Bellamy's People starts Thursday 22nd January at 10pm on BBC Two. Read the rest of Gary's blogs and see more exclusive clips in the Comedy Blog archive.


  • Comment number 1.

    Most Cockneys and Londoners who watched, and know their Pie'n'Mash
    would have spotted the BIG MISTAKE, You don't eat pie mash and Liquor
    with a knife and fork, fork and spoon only , that's how its been in all Pie'n'Mash Shops for the last 200 years!
    And was it acceptable in the 1950's to wee in the kitchen sink? Don't think So!
    Same as a bottle of Fairy Liquid didn't exist in them days, Fairy liquid first went
    on sale in the UK in 1960. Not doing your own research anymore John ;-))

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Last Pieman - I'm guessing your comment was meant for Rock & Chips?


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