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Victoria Wood

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Jon Aird | 15:29 UK time, Thursday, 24 December 2009

Victoria wood blog

BAFTA award-winning actress and comedian Victoria Wood is back with a Christmas special Victoria Wood's Midlife Christmas (Today, 21:00 on BBC One) and also a making of programme What Larks! (Wednesday, 23:00 on BBC One). If that wasn't already enough to fill you with a warm rosy Christmas glow, then there's more - on the programme pages you'll find some exclusive extra material you can watch right now.

You can check out Margaret Mountford's wardrobe malfunction on the What Larks! page, and here's an exclusive online sketch in which Victoria tries to choose which coffee to drink - should she go for citrus, floral, nutty, fair-trade, organic, ethical, full bodied or musky temptation? It's so difficult these days.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for providing something to really amuse and entertain. Victoria Wood is an amazing talent and this ChristmaS SHOW IS GEM!

  • Comment number 2.

    Just watched v wood 9 to 10 pm what a load of rubbish I have just kicked my tv in

  • Comment number 3.

    Thank you v wood flashing and dancing Santa and I have no tv over crimbo

  • Comment number 4.

    Long anticipated, I was a mazed to see that Victoria Wood's Christmas Special had been brought forward to Christmas Eve. Now I know why, it was truly awful. Three sections stretched out over the hour: a lame attempt to get Bo (Mrs. Overall) onto a reality show, Lark Pies to Cranchesterford which scraped the bottom of the joke barrel, and the Mid-life Olympics with not even one ethnic minority actor representing the British team. The only high light was the 'slipped on a chip' sketch which was mildly amusing until the 'friend' tripped over a cuckoo clock, a french fry would have been much more amusing when the claim could not be made.

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  • Comment number 6.

    Well done Victoria.. what a lovely show , what a shame they didnt put it out Christmas Night, it was far better than The Royal Family which could have been on any night. Your show would have been the jewel in the BBC Christmas Advent Crown!!!
    We loved every bit of it and watched it again on iPlayer. I do hope you bring out a DVD of it.
    Thank you again for a wonderful show. Well done BBC for putting on something that isnt for teenagers...
    More BBC More More More.....

  • Comment number 7.

    Frankly, Wood's Xmas show painfully revealed the extent to which she has been left behind by more recent perfomers/writers in terms of quality of material, topicality etc. Even the addition of Reece Sheersmith [which came across as a symbolic 'I'm still hip' gesture on Wood's part] failed to make the show funny.

    Wood, in my view, has been ludicrously overrated in the past. I have been incredulous at the adulation heaped upon her as if she is some sort of 'comedy Goddess'. Arguably, she deserves a place in the history books simply because she was a female pioneer at a time when the industry was even more male-dominated than it is now. However, her very formulaic, predictable humour now shows severe signs of being behind the times. Put simply, others [and I mean Little Britain, Caroline Aherne, League of Gentlemen, Coogan etc] do it far, far better.

    If the rumours are true that Wood has decided to quit performing that might just be as well. Morecambe and Wise went on for far too long until their show looked lettuce-limp. However, with Wood, I suspect that the decision to do so is not merely one of wise self-protection but possibly a petulant gesture. Possibly, after years of [to me, utterly baffling] almost universal approval and adulation, La Wood gets a bit of well-deserved stick and she takes her ball in. Well, if she never comes out to play again that is fine by me.


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