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Miranda is such fun

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Miranda Hart Miranda Hart | 16:03 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009

Hi team. Pleasure to be virtually with you again. So here we are, penultimate episode.

This episode is the one that transferred (albeit with changes) from the Radio 2 series, then called Miranda Hart's Joke Shop.  It was very useful having written episodes for the radio before writing the TV - but I used a lot less from them than I thought I would, as in a way, it is better to start from scratch.

That's mainly mainly because - and this happened with this episode - I became stuck on material from the radio that had worked in front of the live audience, and tried to force it in to a story. That is often harder than starting a draft from scratch, trusting you will come up with some new funnies.

Plus, because it had been a year since I had written the radio, I had developed the show and the characters more since, and so I always feel this episode seems a little dated. Hopefully just in my writing eyes and you will enjoy.

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The thing about it I do like is how much Patricia's character is in it and the clip we have here is her using her favourite phrase "such fun" to annoying effect. The only similarity between my real Mum and Penny from the show is their use of the phrase "such fun". If in doubt at a middle class social occasion, "such fun"!

Here's hoping you have been thinking the series so far such fun.

Miranda (the sitcom) continues tonight at 8.30pm on BBC Two. Read more from Miranda (the lady) before each episode here on the Comedy Blog.


  • Comment number 1.

    Marvellous !

    You can easily imagine that the plot lines and characters are not a million miles from Miranda's own experiences.

    But it could so easily have fallen flat .............. it's a credit to Miranda Hart and the cast that it works so well.

    'curious-cat 07 Dec 20:57
    I like the little glimpses of Miranda not acting .......

    for example

    ' party on ... party off ......... it's as if I'm in some kind of French farce ------ knowing look to camera as she says the latter '

    Knight Of Ni 07 Dec 20:59
    Must admit I do like this programme,one of my TV highlights of the week

    collywobble 07 Dec 21:00
    Yes c-c this must be the funniest most origional comedy since the Marx Brothers and Python. Truly groundbreaking stuff.

    dk1986 07 Dec 21:01
    I was about to commit suicide till this programme rescued me from my despair.'

    taken from the betfair chit chat forum :)


  • Comment number 2.

    This is absolutely my favourite TV show at present. It is not often that a comedy makes me laugh out loud like this one. Last night's themed party episode was great and I have already watched it again on the iplayer. The part where Miranda comes over to the camera to ask for help was brilliant. The RT has been a bit sniffy about the show, saying that Miranda falls over too much, but I wouldn't change anything.

  • Comment number 3.

    Thank God for Miranda Hart!

    She has resurrected all that is good about sit-com and now hopefully moved us all away from those boring sketch shows.

    I love the way she has reversed the role of the classic hapless male trying to impress the beautiful girl that goes all the way back to Chaplin. Who says women can't play a clown!

    Her physical attributes help, of course, in much the same way that made Tommy Cooper the big lovable clown but it goes much deeper as there are also echoes of Tony Hancock playing himself as a misfit. It is this baring of the soul, the 'I am as you see me' approach that makes us empathise so much with the character. It makes us feel that this is not just an actor playing a role but an actual person allowing us into her world and showing us her hopes, fears and anxieties in the funniest possible way.

    The format of 'Miranda' is also refreshingly familiar. A return to characters such as the pushy mother and the disapproving friend that have inhabited the best sit-coms down the years but with the added twist that the main character speaks to camera. This trick of letting us all in on the joke was used by Max Miller and Frankie Howard to great effect in their stand-up routines, of course, and Michael Caine in 'Alfie', but this must be the first time that is has been used to such great effect in a sit-com.

    If there is one criticism, maybe there are just a few too many prat-falls but, hey, we all love them and let's face it, the best-loved scene from Fools and Horses is when Del-Boy falls through the open bar flap. So, let's not get too picky because it would deflect from what must be one of the best comedies to hit our screens for a long time.

    P.S. I'll marry you Miranda any day!

  • Comment number 4.

    'Miranda' is the gem of the year. Koala-girl says that she doesn't often laugh out loud at comedy and I am the same - for me it is evidence of a really funny piece if I laugh out loud and Miranda catches me all the time. Brilliantly scripted, exceptional performances and strong narratives. I think part of why it works is because we have all been there, we recognise ourselves in Miranda - well, when I say 'we' I don't actually mean me but...any way I hope it gets recommissioned as it deserves it and we deserve another series!

    And keep the prat falls - they are in the best tradition of comedy and so well executed. Respect to all involved!!

  • Comment number 5.

    Well done! Another good episode.

    On a related note, given you were on twice last night, when will we see you as a contestant on Strictly?.

    The poise and athletic ability you showed on 'It takes two' and your own show should make you an obvious choice!

  • Comment number 6.

    I find myself with little time to watch TV these days but I always make time for your show Miranda (and sometimes watch the repeats too). It is so funny (and at 33 I seem to have had some similar life experiences to yours)!! The farce elements and the strong characterisation succeed where other shows like My Family failed.

    I insisted on watching Miranda last night despite my partner wanting sport, he got a bit sniffy but by the end of your show was falling about laughing "It's really quite funny isn't it" he said afterwards - yes it definitely is and please please make another series.

  • Comment number 7.

    This is truly the Gem of the year. All my family love this, for a plethora of reasons. Everything from the Chaplin-esque falling over, throough to the wonderful and completely insane friends.

    The mix of long gags i.e. the "if my mother ever caught me in a wedding dress" at the beginning of the 1st espisode to the fainting at the end, to the very simple one liners, makes this, for me , the comedy of the year...

  • Comment number 8.

  • Comment number 9.

    It isn't often I laugh out loud at a BBC sitcom (the last time was Not Going Out) but I sure laugh loud and often when Miranda is on - absolutely fantastic show.

  • Comment number 10.

    It was funny when you said "I am a smooth opperator" and then tripped over something, i was laughing very loudly. Its one of the few shows that starts funny and stays funny unlike the Mitchel and Webb show which started funny, and then had to much swearing and was not funny.
    I cant wait for series 2 on Monday!

    Also i like Pendlemac's idea of you being on Strictly

  • Comment number 11.

    Miranda, your show is terrible. My whole family thinks so.
    We all sit down and complain about it, it's a bonding experience.

  • Comment number 12.

    Miranda is just sheer brilliance


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