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Axel Peters | 17:23 UK time, Thursday, 5 November 2009

Axel Peters Hi I'm Axel Peters, I'm creative director here at Chaos Laboratories. We're a forward-thinking company. We work at the cutting edge of the bio-tech revolution. We're developing stuff right here, right now, that you guys may not see for 20 or 30 years - unless it climbs out of a window!

Which brings me to the main reason I'm writing these words. Yesterday, something Dave was working on, may or may not have crawled off a lab desk, opened a heavy door, made it's way past our state of the art security system and out into the fields at the back. Now whoa! I'm not saying there's any danger as a direct result of this, no way! in fact it might not have even got out at all.

There's a chance it could well still be in the building somewhere - and when I say "it", "it" is a kind of red thing with thin legs and a beak - hard to explain but you'll know it when you see it, which hopefully you won't - so probably no worries on that score.

Steve on the front desk reckons he might have seen it round the back of the car park, but it could've been a chicken with a coat on, or a fox. Anyway I don't think we should panic about this as we've like 'misplaced' stuff in the past, and most of the time this shit is so biologically unstable the internal organs pack in after a few hours and all you've got left is a pile of mush which our expert retrieval team just hoover up and fling in a bin. Hey that's bio-genetic science, right?! You cant win 'em all. So ah yeah, try and ignore it, it's probably nothing...


Great talking to you guys!

Axel x

Also I'd like to take this opportunity to re-assure our shareholders that this shouldn't affect the end of year dividend stuff or the reputation of the company.



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