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Return of the Beautiful People

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Jonathan Harvey BP | 14:08 UK time, Thursday, 12 November 2009

Wedding?Hoorah, it's back! And even more fabulous than ever! I'm so glad the BBC had the huge intelligence, wit and insight to bring Beautiful People back for a second series. It was such a laugh to write, and hopefully it will make you laugh too. If not, I can't promise you your license fee back, but if you ever bump into me in the street (I look a bit like Mr Bean, but with nicer slacks) then feel free to tell me 'You're just not funny Harvey'. A lot of people do.

In Episode One, Simon finds out that his Mum and Dad never got married, so he plans a big wedding for them, themed to one of his favourite movies (clue: It's not Die Hard II) and needless to say, the day doesn't go quite as planned. A wedding cake gets thrown, there's shocking news from Ashlene, and Kylie turns up in drag. (Okay, so that was planned, forgive me, I'm getting a bit carried away with myself).

Fans of Series One will be delighted to hear that the actress Tameka Empson is back. With a vengeance. You may remember in series one she played barmy hairdresser Tameka (I wrote the part for her, could you guess?) but we killed her off. Don't despair, this episode she reappears as her identical cousin Johoyo from Nigeria. A woman who often speaks in the third person. She too is a hairdresser (or so she says) and she is enlisted to do Debbie's hair for the big day.

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Oh yes, one more thing, there are no scenes in New York this series. I wanted to free the bookends up, so each episode opens and closes with Older Simon now back in England, starting his life afresh. His boyfriend's dumped him so he's left New York and come home to stay with Mum. (Watch out for Olivia Colman ageing up to look 45. Boy can that girl work crow's feet)

I'm going to sign off for now, but I'll be back very soon to fill you in on the THRILLING goings on backstage with the... Beautiful People. 'til then, get a few mates in, crack open something pink, put your feet up and enjoy Episode One.

Behind the Scenes

Jonathan Harvey wrote Beautiful People. Series Two begins on Friday night at 10pm on BBC Two.


  • Comment number 1.

    "Is that a coffee cream I can smell? No, it's a BAFTA". Olivia Colman's portrayal as Debbie Doonan has had me in fits of laughter and floods of tears throughout this series, no more so than when Simon was coming out to her. A superb performance that deserves a BAFTA win. As does this series. One of the best programmes on telly this year. Congrats to all involved, especially Jonathan Harvey. Beautiful People needs to be marketed better and win a larger audience and a third series must surely be a no brainer!

  • Comment number 2.

    i hope the show goes onto a 3rd series it just gets better and better you really get involed in what is happening and now the ending of the 3rd your can not think of leaving it open i will be lookin forard in looking for the 3rd serise in the near future


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