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Get ready for Miranda

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Miranda Hart Miranda Hart | 14:00 UK time, Monday, 9 November 2009

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So here we are. It's show time. Episode One tonight.

Episode One was the pilot episode we recorded early 2008, although there have been a few changes since then. The main one was casting Patricia Hodge as Penny, my mother. I was thrilled she said yes. A little nervous too. She predominantly plays high status parts and I imagined she might be a little aloof and well, scary. Not at all thankfully.

Obviously the show is filmed in a studio in front of a live audience, but there are the odd bits that have to be filmed on location. Our first day on location we did the Episode One scenes. And that involved, as you will see tonight, the mother character fainting outside a shop in a busy high street. So on the first day's filming, it was "hello Patricia, lovely to meet you, thanks for doing this, now we just need you to faint on to this grubby Hounslow pavement - ok, action...".

I was amused to see someone sweeping the pavement before she had to lie on it. I thought, that's nice, I do lots of falling over in this show, perhaps that will be a precedent. Let me tell you - I have yet to be swept for. I am still waiting.

Hope you enjoy the show tonight. I can't believe it's going out (this has been years in the coming). My career either takes off or comes to a said end tonight...!

I want it to take off, principally so someone can sweep before I fall. I am gunning for a sweeping (not a euphemism).

Miranda (the sitcom) starts tonight at 8.30pm on BBC Two. Read more from Miranda (the lady) before each episode here on the Comedy Blog.



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