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Home Time: Bucket

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Neil Edmond | 16:24 UK time, Thursday, 15 October 2009

Hello again.

In Home Time episode five, The Girls finally hear the tick of the Growing Up Clock, as Kelly turns 30.

Home Time - Gaynor DoodleOne intent as we wrote Home Time was to show a sense of creeping epiphany in the series, as Gaynor's return nudges The Girls towards some seeping recognition of how they are, compared to how they thought they should be. Gaynor's been through that already. That's why she's so glum in episode one.

So has Paul Walsh, a bit. But only in this episode (and next week's finale) do Mel, Becky and Kelly creak towards some kind of healthy self-doubt.

I've always felt old and left out. I came to the conclusion, when I was about 22, that I'm not light-hearted. Heck, I like doing fun and being daft and mucking about, but not if there's a chance that I'm avoiding some unstated social responsibility, or shirking a duty to my fellow man. Too many superhero comics, I think.

When we shot this episode's nightclub scene (the only scene in the series that uses contemporary music, incidentally), it was the first time I'd been in a club for 12 years. I'm suspicious of large groups of people all trying to affect the same emotion, to feel the same thing: festivals, carnivals, raves, rallies, lynchings, etc, leave me cold. I don't mind funerals so much, 'cos most people are sitting down.

Filming in a club was much preferable to dancing in one. There was only music for a five second burst at the top of each take, then silent jigging about by a hundred youngsters. Plus the crew said that, of all the nightclubs they'd ever filmed in, Carey's was by far the cleanest. Another feather in the cap for Cov, I reckon.

One bosomy girl continually managed to wobble a knocker into shot, somehow, despite the able wrangling of our Pete and Tracey, but apart from that, everything went very smoothly.

Anyroad, here's the only photo I took that relates to this episode:

Home Time - Sarnies
It's the prop sandwich spit bucket. Please note the strict adherence to Roy's scripted sandwich filling - and how little the cast were able to tolerate it.

I've seen internet folks elsewhere suggesting that the move to Thursdays is a reflection of either the show doing really well or the show doing badly - but it's nothing so exciting - it was pre-ordained by the requirements of an awkwardly-shaped Autumn schedule. I hope people have adjusted appropriately. My Mum forgot and watched all the way through Newsnight, on tenterhooks.

Thanks for reading, and for watching.

Neil Edmond wrote Home Time with Emma Fryer, who plays Gaynor.

The series continues tonight at 10pm on BBC Two. Read more about Home Time on the Comedy Blog and watch a clip on Comedy Extra.


  • Comment number 1.

    Fantastic episode - turning 30 really is like that! The bit with the chiming clock was incredibly moving, and a classic moment. thanks x

  • Comment number 2.

    I accidentally watched Thursday's episode (I didn't know anything at all about the programme. It happened to be on. Looked promising, so we carried on watching. Turned out to be one of the best things I've seen all year.)
    I hope the series will be repeated. I want more of my friends to see it.
    Very solid & well executed, and most importantly, very very funny - I love it.

  • Comment number 3.

    Waiting for tonights episode! Have enjoyed this series and want MORE.......... Why why why did the BBC not advertise it better?! All my friends have enjoyed it but many more might have missed the series. Repeats please.


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