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Joe Tracini's Coming of Age Diary #4

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Joe Tracini | 11:49 UK time, Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hey! I believe we did something that hasn't been done before this week... we filmed the first 60 scene sitcom episode in front of a live studio audience! Normally, when we shoot an episode, we do it one scene at a time, and keep going over it until everybody's happy. This week however, we did it all in one go, was a hard evening's work but we all bloody loved it! It's episode four in the series, so look out for it.

We've passed the half way mark now, only three episodes to go! Start working with Miriam Margolyes on Monday, excited isn't even the word for it. She really is one of the best actresses our country has, and she's on our show. Awesome! Tell you what else is awesome...

Tony's stupid comment of the week.

This week, Jerry Hall was at the BBC doing an interview to publicise her new West End show. Me and Tony walked past her dressing room, and I said, "Look mate, Jerry Hall is in there!", to which he replied, "who's he?". Silly sod.

Joe Tracini as DK I'm gonna miss playing DK, he's a dude. It's so nice when you get to play a character that's so different from who you are. It's so much fun when you play someone who is actually quite unlikeable, and it's a challenge every week to make him endearing and someone you can root for. I love my job! This year, the show is much more character-based, you see the five of us together a lot more. We have a storyline running through the whole series, and it's all a lot more exciting. I can't wait to watch it all!

We have a release date for the DVD of series one, 26th October 2009!

Take care you lovely people! xxx

Joe Tracini plays DK in the BBC Three sitcom Coming of Age. Read the rest of his diary here on the Comedy Blog.



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