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Emma Fryer on Home Time

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David Thair | 17:57 UK time, Monday, 28 September 2009

Home Time's Emma Fryer writes...

Hello. I've never written a blog before. I'm not really sure what to talk about but here goes:

Episode Three features an erotic candle (see below) that Gaynor bought from the joss-stick-shop when she was sixteen, feeling very grown up and in love with Paul Walsh.

Home Time - StatueIn real life, Neil bought it on eBay. In 1994, I was given some very sound advice concerning erotic candles, which I think has stood the test of time and I'd like to share it with you now in the form of a sex quiz:

The Sex Quiz

Cover the image above on the screen. Now don't cover the image on the screen (i.e. take your hand away). How does it make you feel? If you feel giggly/rude/immense guilt/a bit sick, then you're just not ready for an adult sexual relationship. It's best you know this now. One day, you'll be mature enough to see that this candle is about mature lovers, loving in a very sensual and mature way, not mucky porn dirt. When you grow up, you can buy one as a gift for your lover. Buy two - one for the bedside cabinet and one for the front room coffee table. Then your guests will happily know that your partner and yourself are maturely and sensually (and let's be sensible people, safely) at it.

We wrote loads of outdoor scenes in Episode Three (especially for one of my favourite places on earth, the Memorial Park) but naively forgot we were filming in January. There were blizzards, weather warnings and schedule changes galore but in the midst of snowy panic, this cheery fellow emerged:

Home Time - snowmanSomeone later had to spoil the fun for everyone by adding a wotsit and pair of you-knows. I blame Philip Jackson, who plays Roy. It's a wholly unsubstantiated claim but I swear I sensed shame on his normally noble face.

If you get a spare five minutes, can I please recommend this - it's Coventry Market the Musical, the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long, long time:

Thank you very much for reading this and, if you're watching the series and think it's alright, thank you very much for that too. It really is appreciated. Have a lovely week.

Emma co-wrote and stars as Gaynor in Home Time, which continues tonight at 10pm on BBC Two.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Emma,

    Caught this from the first episode, think is blooming fantastic. Really funny, and slightly depressing-what a combo. The 90's posters,tunes etc strangely reminds me of acrylics and A level art class, Pavlovian response's I suppose. love it...kind'a'eck.

  • Comment number 2.

    Just watched the Cov musical, really heart warming, really makes you stop and think. It's like Butlins under one roof. I'm well jealous.

  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Emma, I'm a Cov kid now living in Durham and cannot tell you how much how time makes me laugh! The little nascence of each character is amazing, so many subtle looks and comments I love it. Also loving seeing Coventry again I wonder if you and your co-writer are Coventry people, as you seem to have captured the place brilliantly! Bring on the 2nd series baby cow!


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