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Steve Hall's We Are Klang Memory Bucket

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David Thair | 16:20 UK time, Thursday, 6 August 2009

We Are Klang's Steve Hall writes...

There's a fairly simple dilemma which presents itself to any self-respecting self-loathing comedian with a new series going out: to self-google or not to self-google. I think it must be a product of my slightly peculiar Jewish-Catholic heritage that I take a perverse enjoyment in seeing what's out there. There's always something you're not expecting, which in this particular instance took the form of no fewer than three separate people saying that I look like the lead singer of The Flying Pickets. That's the lead singer of The Flying Pickets. For you youngsters out there, The Flying Pickets were pretty much the Bloc Party of their time. So that's quite a feather in my cap - thanks, The Internet.

Elsewhere, someone has uploaded a live version of our Racial Identity song from a gig we did a few years ago at Andrew Maxwell's Fullmooners gig. I would say we look so young, but I'm very aware that context is a nutkicker.

It's pleasant being able to reflect on some of the gigs we did back in the day. A favourite memory is of a show we did in Lancaster, where Marek and Greg were losing about thirty quid each on the round trip. 

I'd managed to find a coach which departed at 3am which would mean I made seven pounds all told. Waiting for the coach in the freezing Lancastrian air, two drunk angry men stumbled my way and declared "Well, well, looks like we've got ourselves a drifter... do you want a bite of my burger, drifter?" I was so hungry I actually took them up on the offer. Glory days, glory days.

Episode Two of We Are Klang airs tonight. This week's episode is Crime. It features the fantastic Waen Shepherd - we first met Waen when his awesome Gary Le Strange character won Best Newcomer at the Insert Corporate Sponsor Here Comedy Award. His song I'm Japanese was a particular favourite of mine, at least until my flatmate spilt coffee over the CD. Waen joined us on location in Stalybridge to film the moment when Klang first encounter the fiendish villain known only as The Juggler. Here's some behind the scenes footage:

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Unfortunately Marek's camera battery died at this point. Following on from absolute was of course the word brilliance. Rhod Gilbert is kind and gentle soul. Speaking of excellent stand-ups, I went on Jon Richardson's 6 Music show on Sunday morning, and was able to share a few embarrassing tales about Marek and Greg from their lives before Klangbury. I was allowed to choose a song to play, so I earnestly chose Popscene by Blur, and gave an introduction which to me sounded erudite and cool, but according to my missus sounded like I had "learning difficulties". Marek and me are going on Talksport tomorrow, where we can talk about the ever more depressing plight of ******* and ***********, our respective football teams. This may depend on being able to stem the flow of bitter salty tears as we speak.

Listen to an excerpt of Steve's appearance on 6 Music (or listen again to the full show). Here he talks about one of Greg's 'pre-fame achievements':

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We Are Klang continues tonight at 10.30pm on BBC Three. Read more from Klang and watch extra video in our Klang blog archive.



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