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Spinal Tap World Tour: for one night only

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Lucy McDermott | 18:14 UK time, Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It was with much anticipation and excitement that around 10,000 Spinal Tap Fans descended on Wembley Arena last night. We were hoping to see the three men who rocked our worlds through our childhood with their hilarious take on 80s metal Metallica-likes. We saw them, and they officially rocked.

Fantastically, they supported themselves in the form of The Folkmen - a spoof folk group featured in a later documentary The Mighty Wind. 'Blood on the Coal', a song about a massive train wreck was inappropriately hilarious as is their way, and Harry Shearer had transformed into a woman (apart from his voice).

Folkmen_at_Spinal_Tap_Cropped.jpg Folking it up with The Folkmen

Then The Tap burst on stage ready for a crazy gig. We were treated to songs from the entire history of the band, from the Beatles-esque 'Give Me Some Money' to heavy rock songs as 'Sex Farm Woman' and 'Rock and Roll Nightmare'. One of my highlights was their venture into Musical Theatre, with a song about Jack The Ripper - "You're a naughty one, Saucy Jack!".

Pic: Peter Renn
The other had to be the inflatable Stone'enge monument that really was in danger of being crushed by the dwarf druids dancing around it. They really never will get that right, will they... but no 'Lick My Love Pump', much to my disappointment.

They were joined by a host of guests: '70s keyboard legend Keith Emerson tried to push his organ over several times, Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, Steve Priest from '70s glam rock band The Sweet, and a whole host of girls came on stage for the finale of 'Big Bottom'.

But it was scary to see how much the band have aged. Somehow, I think everyone was expecting to see the 1984 film re-enacted on stage word for word, and for them to be 25 years younger. It was weird going to a rock gig that's all seated, but the heyday of the mosh pit is well and truly over for Spinal Tap - and for most of their fans!

However they might have lived up to our expectations, we still love them for all the times we have found comfort in the stupidity of their bad jokes and ridiculous music. In fact thinking on it now, I am slightly worried that my haircut may have been influenced by Nigel Tufnel.

Oh, and thanks to the guy a few rows in front of me - your comedy dancing was awesome.

"We've got armadillos in our trousers. It's really quite frightening."
Readers! What are your favourite Spinal Tap quotes?

Lucy McDermott is the researcher for Comedy Online and she goes all the way up to 11.


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