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Joe Tracini's Coming of Age Diary

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Joe Tracini | 16:34 UK time, Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Joe TraciniWell hello! My name's Joe Tracini, and I play DK in the BBC Three sitcom, Coming of Age. The lovely people at the BBC have asked me to write a blog to keep all you even lovelier people informed of what's happening as we rehearse and film series 2. This is all new to me, the whole blogging thing, so excuse me if I start rambling on about some three legged cat that I saw.

By the way, I saw a three legged cat today, his name was Mr Tiddles. Not because he was incontinent, just because he really liked playing tiddlywinks. Anyway he used to have four legs, but he got into a freak accident with a pair of Wellington boots, some Veet waxing strips and a goat. Poor bugger had a little cart strapped to him with his remaining back leg in it, like a sort of reverse wheelbarrow. If a wheelbarrow was a cat with a cart strapped to it. Bloody funny.

So, series two! If you missed the first series, Coming of Age is about a group of 5 students studying at college, and their day-to-day lives. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues! There's so much going on this series: exploding ducks, falling in love, and of course I will be getting practically naked - I think it's in my contract that I have to. We've started rehearsals now, and it's looking great. We even have a very special guest artist, whose name I will tell you when the BBC man tells me if I'm allowed. So all very exciting! I'm going to be writing this bad boy every week as far as I know, so keep coming back and reading it, because if you don't, and I find out about it... well I don't know what will happen, probably nothing. It would take too long to actually come and find everybody who stops reading the blog, and put them through some sort of unpleasant experience, and to be honest I really don't have that sort of time. But still, read it!

Oh, and also, there will be no mention of the word 'Balamory' in this blog. Bugger, I just said it.

Have a nice day!

Coming of Age Series Two is currently filming in location. For anyone who hasn't seen Joe in action, here he is falling backwards down the stairs.



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